Accounts Payable Automation Brings Lower Processing Costs

Survey shows organizations deploying AP automation are likely to spend less than $2 to process an invoice

Organization that have deployed automation in accounts payable are more likely to spend less than $2 to process an invoice, according to a recent survey from The Institute of Financial Operations and Brainware.

The survey, which had 551 respondents, looked at the AP automation within several global business sectors. Nearly 80 percent of the respondents were from North American-based companies. Healthcare respondents made up 18.3 percent of the survey. 

According to Mark Zecy, CEO of American Micro Co., a Kansas City based provider of digital document management solutions,  the survey findings reflect conditions in the Kansas City market place. "Businesses are looking to cut costs and gain efficiencies in their core business processes. We have seen several Kansas City companies significantly reduce their per invoice processing costs by switching from manual to automated accounts payable processing." said Zecy.

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