Household Essentials, LLC, Selected as Gold Winner for 23rd DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation for Ironing Board Cover & Pad Packaging

Household Essentials, LLC, based in Hazelwood, Mo., today announced that it received the prestigious Gold Winner honor from the 23rd DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation for its environmentally friendly Ironing Board Cover & Pad Packaging.

Household Essentials introduced an ironing board cover and pouch that eliminates the industry-standard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) generally used in packaging the product and replaced it with a built-in pouch for its laundry cover, ultimately preventing landfill waste.

"Retailers are excited to sell the ironing board cover and pad because consumers now expect that their everyday household items should be environmentally friendly," said James Glenn, Household Essentials CEO and president.

The DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation is the industry's longest-running, global, independently judged celebration of innovation and collaboration throughout the value chain. Each year a panel awards diamond, gold or silver honors based on "excellence" in one or all of three categories: Innovation; Sustainability; and Cost/Waste Reduction.

This year's expert jury panel evaluated more than 200 entries from around the world and awarded two diamond winners, six gold winners and eight silver winners.

The ironing board cover and pad has a sewn-in pouch that becomes the primary package when the product is folded and tucked into it. A 100 percent recycled paperboard bellyband around the cloth construction carries marketing information in nontoxic ink and allows the package to be hung on a peg at point of purchase.

Glenn said that when Europe banned the use of PVC in consumer products several years ago, he knew it would be a matter of time before it would be banned in the United States. By planning now, Household Essentials was able to design and distribute a first-of-its-kind green ironing board cover and pad.

Sustainable benefits of the Ironing Board Cover & Pad include:
 By eliminating the plastic packaging, Household Essentials estimates that it is taking approximately 375,000 pounds of plastic out of the landfills each year.
 By reducing the size of the final product, which is now 35 percent smaller and weighs 14 percent less than the previous packaging, requires 15 percent fewer trucks to distribute the product annually. Also, the smaller packaging means that fewer sea containers are needed to transport the product from China to the United States.
 The company also uses a unique nano coating called NanoMaxT to keep the pouch surface clean at the point-of-sale. The coating is injected into the fibers of the product for stain- and scorch-resistance. NanoMaxT is made from 85 percent water and has 50 percent fewer chemicals than the coatings typically used in other ironing board covers and pads.

In 2010, the company received the Greener Package Award for Non-Food Primary Packaging.

Also last year, Household Essentials introduced FiberTechT, the world's first-ever environmentally friendly, biodegradable ironing board with a board top made from natural plant fiber waste comprised of rice, wheat, bamboo and sugar cane.

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