John's Place - Personalized Auto Care Is the First Certified Female Friendlyr Tire and Service Center in Glenview, Illinois

Same Owner with a New Name and New Services Designed with the Women Consumer in Mind

John's Place - Personalized Auto Care, previously Duxler Tire and Service of Glenview, is pleased to announce their completion of Certified Female Friendlyr training and is now the first Certified Female Friendlyr Tire Retailer and Service Center in Glenview, Illinois. To achieve certified status, their personnel completed online training on how to better meet the expectations of the female consumer.

"Up until now, like many automotive businesses, we thought the obvious goal was to ensure that women and men were treated the same. However, through Certified Female Friendlyr training program we have an increased awareness of what elements women seek in a positive automotive servicing experience. Now our Service Center is better prepared to meet and exceed the expectations of our female customers", stated John Hoppe, Owner of John's Place - Personalized Auto Care.

An Certified Female Friendlyr Tire Dealer & Service Center creates an inviting and comfortable environment where women feel welcome. They guarantee that the experience of repairing and maintaining a vehicle will be a pleasant one. Ask Patty trained and certified associates are held to a high level of customer satisfaction with women consumers.

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Along with the certification, John's Place - Personalized Auto Care has enhanced its website to cater more to women, thereby reinforcing their commitment to the Ask Patty Program. This latest design integrates seamlessly to effectively deliver online information and services to female consumers. The new website can easily be found and accessed utilizing the Certified Female Friendlyr web icon on the existing John's Place Personalized Auto Care website. John's Place Personalized Auto Care Certified Female Friendlyr site is an extension of the main site, with many of the same features simply presented in a more appealing and inviting format for the female audience.

Co-developed by and leading tire industry magazine Tire Review, the multi-dimensional program will help tire retailers and their staffs to improve their marketing and sales skills and become Certified Female Friendlyr through a high-level, market-specific training program. In addition, the Ask Patty for Tire Dealers & Service Centers Program will assist dealers in reaching and building lasting relationships with female tire and vehicle service customers through a unique marketing support program.

"Women are not the same as men, and they do not base their consumer decisions in the same way as
men. Business Week reports that women make over 80 percent of the buying decisions in U.S. households today. In effect, they have become nearly every family's chief purchasing officer," says Jody DeVere, President and CEO of "Businesses that do not change their approach to
communicate more effectively with women will get left behind and leave themselves open to being over-taken by their competitors."

The new Certified Female Friendlyr program for Tire Dealers & Service Centers virtual interactive training design and functionality, are another industry first from, the company that initially developed the most comprehensive solution available to automobile dealers and service centers for engaging, selling, servicing, and retaining women customers. The AskPatty web sites are the first designed specifically for women and provide the tools and resources most requested by women.

About John's Place - Personalized Auto Care
When John Hoppe bought the original Duxler of Glenview back in 1998, it was more like a homecoming for him. It was back in 1980, when the Duxler family opened up another service location, Duxler of Glenview, and hired John, as it's first service manager. With five years of experience with the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company underneath his belt, John was a great choice for back of the shop leadership. Then, in 1998 John received a phone call notifying him that Duxler of Glenview was for sale. Without hesitation John jumped at the opportunity to purchase. After all he was one of the key people that got Duxler of Glenview off the ground.

"I knew what I had", John said when asked about becoming the owner of Duxler of Glenview, "It was an outstanding business". John came in and refined what was already in place and took the business in the direction that he always saw it going - Customer Service. "Its common sense", John said in speaking about Customer Service. John and all the employees at the new John's Place - Personalized Auto Care make it a priority to treat all their customers as they would like to be treated because it's only fair.

Changing the name of the business from Duxler of Glenview to John's Place - Personalized Auto Care was seen as necessary by John. "There are several Duxler locations on the North Shore area and customers don't know that many Duxler locations are independent of each other and therefore run very differently," said John. "I wanted to separate my business from the competition and create less confusion for our customers". It was actually a customer, who in a time of crisis, told a tow truck driver, "Take it to John's Place", that inspired the name.

John's Place Personalized Auto Care has been a sponsor for many organizations such as a major sponsor for the "Youth Make A Difference" 5K Run. In the past, they have also supported Glenview's Chamber of Commerce, The March of Dimes; John fully believes that it is all about giving back to the community.

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The, Inc. website and blog is a safe place for women to get advice on car buying, maintenance and other automotive related topics. Women can shop for vehicles and services at our network of Certified Female Friendlyr retailers across the U.S. is a member and 2009 corporate sponsor of the Women's Automotive Association International based in Detroit, MI, Board member of the, Member of the California board, on the Women's Board of the Car Care Council, a SEMA member and a member of the SEMA Business Women's Networking Group. is partnered with,,,,, NIADA,,, MyAutoLoan, Aware and

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Founded in 1903, Tire Review is the oldest continually published magazine servicing the U.S. and Canadian tire industries, and was the first to help educate tire and vehicle service retailers on improving their relationships with female consumers. For more information on Tire Review, visit

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Properly armed with the right tools and training, tire dealers and service centers can increase their share of the largest and fastest growing demographic of new vehicle buyers in the US -- Women. The Certified Female Friendlyr program was designed specifically for automotive retailers, tire dealers and service centers to attract, sell, retain and increase loyalty with women.

What Is An Certified Female Friendlyr Tire Dealer & Service Center?
An Certified Female Friendlyr tire dealer and service center creates a safe and comfortable environment where women feel welcome and make the experience of purchasing and maintaining her vehicle a pleasant one. Ask Patty trained and certified tire and service retailers are held to a high level of customer satisfaction for women consumers.
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