Philly Auto Body Shop awarded Top Ten Shops in the US by ABRN for their unique approach to business.


ABRN (Auto Body Repair News) analysed the collision industry and selected 10 shops from across the country that stood out as leaders above all the rest. These shops go the extra mile for their clients, their community, and their workmanship. We are pleased to announce that Nigro’s Auto Body of Philadelphia, PA has made the list of top shops, and remains one of the most innovative and unique body shops in the United States. 
ABRN takes the contest very seriously and has high standards and extensive requirements to even be considered as a 'Top Shop’ and  based their list on originality, practical business sense and creativity. 
“Much about Nigro's is unusual. The shop actually traces its origins to Italy and the European method of repairing vehicles, which Nigro says outpaces much of the technology used in America. Co-owner and father of Domenic, Aniello Nigro trained and worked in Florence, Italy, before coming to Philadelphia to open the shop in 1984.” 
One major contribution to their Top Shop status is their out-of-the-box promotions. Nigro’s has a line of smart-phone safety apps, including a custom Accident App that will help you call 911/paramedics, emergency roadside assistance, and three family members should the need arise. They also offer a Teenage Speedster App that helps parents monitor and control their child’s driving and a Mobile Tattle Tale app that disables texting while driving over 20MPH. 
Nigro says the focus of his business is helping people. "I'm tired of cars. I don't like them anymore," he jokes. "I like people."
This is why he and the shop devote so much of their time to the Philadelphia community. To help their fellow Philadelphians, Nigro's sells AutoTex Pink windshield wiper blades and Paschal handbags (made of recycled car parts) with 10 percent of the revenue going to charity. 
Charity is constant theme at Nigro’s, and they’re almost always running a campaign that supports organizations ranging fro?m National Breast Cancer Foundation to The Food Trust. They are currently offering to donate half of your deductible to the charity of your choice (up to $250) and even have a program where they will give qualified applicants a loan to pay off their bills and fix their car (“Don’t Pay Me to Fix Your Car” program). Nigro’s Auto Body is also the first in Philadelphia to offer hand control installation for disabled drivers, where 10% of profits are given to The Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis.
Finally, the events held  at Nigro’s are unmatched in the auto body industry. From women’s only auto body basics classes to car seat inspection events each month, and pet safety classes in the works for this spring. They’ll also be hosting their own battle of the bands style competition starting late winter that hopes to feature local musicians and distribute CDs of the winning artists to all the cars they service and at partner distribution locations.  
Our shop is family owned and operated, ensuring a friendly and personalized experience. Superior customer service paired with the quality and integrity of our GUARANTEED FOR LIFE work is what separates us from the competition. 
For further information  please call 215-925-4520.