WECnology endorses AskPatty.com

As part of its continuing service to help tire dealers improve their business, WECnology is recommending that retail tire dealers across North America become "Ask Patty Certified Female Friendlyr". The principles of both companies met at the Global Tire Expo in Las Vegas in November where talks began.

"AskPatty.com offers a program for retail tire dealers that is extensive and comprehensive, and provides dealers with training, certification, year round marketing to women, internet connectivity, social media support and a micro-web site aimed toward the female customer" expressed Wayne Croswell, CEO of WECnology. "Our mission is to help tire dealers become more successful and profitable. We see the Ask Patty Certified Female Friendlyr program as a perfect fit for our model of best-of-breed program offerings. It takes advantage of the latest in training technologies and uses the Internet to help promote a dealer to the female market", Croswell further stated. "We are very happy to add the "Ask Patty Certified Female Friendlyr" program to our ever growing partner recommended programs."

Several tire dealers throughout North America have already taken WECnology's recommendation and have become certified in the AskPatty.com program.

Jody DeVere, CEO of AskPatty.com commented, "Women are making more than 60% of the decisions about auto repair and tires and influence 85% of automotive purchasing decisions. We help our Certified Female Friendlyr clients grow market share with women and differentiate themselves as leaders in providing the ultimate customer experience."

For more information about the "Ask Patty Certified Female Friendlyr" Program and other offerings from WECnology, please contact them at info@wecnology.com.

About AskPatty.com
With international headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California, AskPatty.com, Inc. takes a two-pronged approach to revolutionizing the women's automotive retail market: For consumers, the AskPatty.com website, is a safe and reliable source for expert automotive advice and research. For auto dealers, tire dealers, collision centers, auto service and repair centers, the revolutionary AskPatty.com Certified Female Friendlyr program, designed from the ground up, trains and certifies automotive retail and service centers on how to attract, sell, retain and increase loyalty with women customers. Women can find an Ask Patty Certified Female Friendlyr auto dealer, tire dealer, collision center, auto service and repair center using the location search at AskPatty.com

Go here to learn how to become Ask Patty Certified Female Friendlyr.

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About WECnology
Headquartered in Amherst, New Hampshire, WECnology provides complimentary recommendations of trusted, preferred technology providers with proven tire industry expertise. WECnology's network of technology providers are dedicated to serving the tire industry and are proven to help dealers of any size maximize their return on any technology investment. WECnology's advisory service is at no additional cost to the tire dealer. You can find them on the Internet at http://www.wecnology.com.