ATAC TV and the Krinkov Machine Gun Test 10,000 Without cleaning

Testing of reliability and wear after of the Krinkov Machinegun

The ATAC Guys run a test on the reliability of the Krinkov machine gun. approaching 40,000 rounds, the last 10,000 rounds ran it without cleaning for testing purposed.

Preliminary Report is on the ATAC TV Firearms Channel Blog.

We do like our Krinks at ATAC for many reasons, most of all is their reliability. One of the Krinks used for training and demo's to Law Enforcement & Military was getting close to a barrel exchange. So after approaching 35,000 - 40,000s round we purposely did not perform field maintenance or any cleaning for the remaining last 10,000 rounds fired.
Basic condition, history and live fire testing notes prior to cleaning
 Model Krinkov 5.45: Rifle Dynamics custom built by Jim Fuller
 Round Count: 35,000 - 40,000 rounds
 Maintenance schedule: Standard field maintenance and bench cleaning for the initial 25,000-30,000 rounds was performed.
 Method of fire: Semi & Full Auto
 Ammo: Russian surplus 5.45, corrosive
 Cleaning products, Bore Tech Carbon remover, Copper remover, scraper, coated rod, 3 chamber brushes, Jag & numerous patches.

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