ATAC TV gives a few tips on shooting at steel targets safely.

ATAC TV explains how to be safe shooting at steel targets

ATAC TV promotes safety first! Many people out using steel targets, which is fine but take into consideration the stand off distances while shooting at steel.
Yes Shooting at Steel Targets so you can hear that "ding" at greater distances, but it is Dangerous up close Everyone on the range must wear eye and ear protection. Everyone must remain behind the shooter. Wrap around Eye protection and Ear protection is mandatory. Wear long sleeve shirts and pants. ONLY use outdoors and not on a hard surface. Absorbent material must cover the splatter zone; soft ground will absorb the deflected fragments better than a solid surface such as rock or concrete.

The Splatter Zone is from the copper jacketed and/or lead core ammo hitting the steel targets. This "Splatter" can ricochet. Splatter cannot be avoided, but it can be guided in a safe direction, away from the shooter towards the ground.

Handgun calibers: Stay at least 20 yards from the target.
Rifle calibers: Stay at least 100 yards from the target. Shooting less than this distance can damage the target. Rifle ammunition muzzle velocity should not exceed 3,000 feet per second on non-rated targets.
Shotgun: Stay at least 25 yards away from the target when shooting lead shot. Stay at least 100 yards away from target when shooting slug. The large size of the lead slug increases the chance of ricochet.

Frangible ammunition: Frangible ammo is commonly lighter than standard lead and it has greater speed with more heat, which can cause additional damage to your target.
Armor Piercing: NEVER use steel core ammo, steel shot, BB's, polycarbonate ballistic tips, or other hardened ammunition.

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