ATAC TV's Field Maintenance Free Programs

GLOCK, AK-47, AR-15 Guide to cleaning in the desert.

Below are a few different firearm systems that Tom Clarke & ATAC Staff Member's explain how to maintain them in the middle of the desert. A few simple steps of care and maintenance can keep your firearm it top shape and ready if needed.

ATAC TV's AR-15 / M16 Field Maintenance

The original configuration is a gas-operated firearm with a direct gas impingement. The gas from the fired cartridge is routed to the bolt carrier to cycle the action. A dirty upper receiver is very common with the AR-15 / M16 rifle. Creating even more of a reason to understand how to perform the rifle field maintenance. We run these "wet" or well lubricated, but with any type of oil or grease, dirt will come.

Click the below link to watch the free program specific to the AR-15 / M16 Rifle.

ATAC TV's GLOCK Pistol Field Maintenance.

Shooting on the range, personal carry piece, sidearm or primary firearm field maintenance is equally important. Detailed cleaning is no the goal, rather to keep it operational. CCW holder's that carry a GLOCK should also watch the program. Daily carry of any pistol can get buildup and residue in the mechanics of the pistol.

Click here to watch the free instructional video:

ATAC TV's AK-47 Field Maintenance

Regardless if you have been on the range or in the field training or working this is a mandatory skill. Many think if you did not fire a round that there is no reason to perform field maintenance. Not the case, your life depends on the rifle being ready to function properly. Field cleaning, maintenance and inspection for your AK-47 Rifle is just as an important area to understand as firing the rifle.

Click the below link to watch the free program specific to the Kalashnikov Rifle. is a free source for raw, unscripted Firearm Training. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, It's Free!