ATAC's Physical and Mental Conditioning for Shooting?

Tom Clarke explains why you need conditioning for shooting.

Many times I hear people disagree with being in shape and training in firearms. "Why do I have to be in shape to shoot?" Well it is simple; if you are overweight can you move as fast or as long as your attacker? No. If you gut is in the way of accessing your gear or ability to move rapidly to cover, you have a problem. Many instructors out there teach firearms while being out of shape. Let keep this simple, what if you had to run or were being chased by an attacker who can run faster and farther than you? You will not survive. It is you fault, you have a choice to get in shape.

Physical Conditioning: As in any confrontation, your physical conditioning is of the utmost importance. Some may think that they can be overweight or out of shape as long as they can still shoot with accuracy. This is not the proper attitude to have because upon confrontation your body produces epinephrine, also known as adrenalin, in order to prepare you for the fight. Adrenalin causes your heart to pump faster, your muscles to engorge with blood, your eyes to dilate, and your respirations to increase in order to supply oxygen for the increased demand. Can your heart handle the increased load or is it blocked with plaque? Do you still have your accuracy or are your arms bobbing up and down with each heartbeat? Can you acquire and maintain a prolonged position or are your muscles easily fatigued? Do you have the required pulmonary conditioning? Without physical conditioning, your mental conditioning has no foundation.

Mental Conditioning: Mental conditioning allows you to remain in control of the situation during your body's automatic responses in stressful situations. During deadly confrontations, you need to be able to have the mental clarity that allows you to assess the situation and prioritize so that you can sufficiently tackle the task at hand.

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