ATAC TV Announces Launch of Military and Law Enforcement Channel

Tom Clarke, founder of ATAC launches LEO / Mil Channel

ATAC TV Announces Launch of Military and Law Enforcement Channel
April 29, 2011
Tom Clarke, founder of ATAC, has announced that the firm has launched a new LEO/MIL channel dedicated exclusively to American law enforcement and the military. The channel ( provides a new, free and innovative resource to aid professionals in those fields who require additional training.

"In these difficult times of department personnel cutbacks and budget constraints, we felt compelled to offer this free resource as a way to give back to U.S. law enforcement," said Clarke.

The channel provides custom educational content and video. The channel is a valuable tool for tactical and security education for professionals domestically and abroad. Material can be used for prerequisite training and reference and the channel is proving popular with professionals throughout the U.S. A number of police departments nationwide have already arranged to film training content.

Reality-based training is offered in a wide variety of disciplines and specialties. ATAC TV law enforcement and military staff have sought the most qualified and experienced instructors to provide content. Training videos include presentations by guest instructors and current ATAC TV staff members are donating their time to aid in accommodating individual training needs. Use of the channel is restricted to those within the military and law enforcement communities.

The channel was added as part of ATAC TV's ongoing commitment to those who serve the safety needs of the public and those who place themselves in harm's way for their country. The channel is free for the use of those professionals and is supported through donations and advertisements for products and companies ATAC TV has tested and chooses to offer viewers.

ATAC TV also provides channels specifically designed for firearm safety and weapon system usage, an extensive array of mixed martial arts styles, and survival training in the event of a natural disaster. The comprehensive educational materials have been assembled in conjunction with experts in their respective fields.

ATAC TV online training provides professionals with the ability to obtain essential training to help them protect themselves, their partners, families and communities more effectively. The appropriate education allows those in law enforcement and the military to be better prepared in life and death situations, while offering an increased level of personal safety for police officers and those in the military. Training is realistic and promotes better real life results when that training is put to the test.

With the addition of the new LEO/MIL channel, ATAC TV is reaffirming its support of those in the military and law enforcement. The channel provides realistic and comprehensive training by some of the most respected and experienced experts available. The channel provides an effective and valuable training tool to aid professionals in the performance of their sworn duties.

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