ATAC TV Firearm Channel's Fighting Rifle

ATAC TV's Jim Fuller Explains the Fighting Rifle

The term "Fighting Rifle" is used a lot these days yet I find that some folks don't really know what the true meaning is. I wanted to elaborate on this subject to define what a "Fighting Rifle" really is.

There are many different types of firearms available these days but not all are meant to be fighting guns. When I am with the ATAC Guys or others, we do not participate in the sporting aspect, rather the tactical application. So our viewpoint is prioritized a bit different.

One example would be a finely made over and under shotgun. While most of them are very nicely made and extremely expensive you would not choose it for fighting. They are built for a specific sporting purpose; while they are great for wing shooting they are a poor selection for any kind of fighting/home defense. That's an extreme example I know so lets define this a little better. A fighting rifle should be semi-auto or select fire, have high capacity detachable magazines, chambered in a military caliber, a flat non-shinny finish and fit into the list below.

A true "Fighting Rifle" should meet the following requirements.

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