ATAC TV & Remington Firearms

ATAC TV continuing more programs with Remington!

Remington Arms was founded in 1816, Remington Arms is the oldest company in the United States that still makes its original product, firearms. ATAC TV Firearms programs feature many of Remington's products in the instructional video programs. Remington also has claim to being the oldest continuously operating manufacturer in North America. Talk about stability, almost as old as the USA itself. This company is the largest United States producer of shotguns and rifles; in addition, Remington is the only company that produces both ammunition and firearms domestically. The products produced by Remington seem endless, and they are known for quality, reliable firearms and ammunition for the sporting, hunting and Law Enforcement industries. Read completed article on ATAC TV Firearm Blog

Remington Arms has evolved from musket production in the early years, to the newest technology available today. Through many twists and turns, Remington has branched out and produced arms for several Allied powers during the World Wars I and II. These countries include the USA, France, Britain and rifles for Imperial Russia. During World War I, the collapse of the Imperial Russian government created a severe impact on Remington pocketbook. Russia had ordered huge quantities of arms and ammunition and in the end, did not follow through with the contract. Remington Management team made the decision to emphasize their sporting and hunting product lines in an attempt to minimize future financial ups and downs. Later in World War II, Remington produced the famous M1903A3 Springfield bolt-action rifle. The U.S. Army became worried about their ammunition supply and asked Remington to help in a plan for national expansion. With help from DuPont, Remington Arms built the Lake City Arsenal and Denver Ordnance ammunition plants plus three more later on. The U.S. government owned the plants with Remington overseeing operations of these facilities.

Cerberus Capital Management, a private equity firm acquired Remington Arms for roughly $500 million in cash and debt in June of 2007. Since then, Remington has purchased existing rifle-maker Marlin Firearms too. In 2009, due to an ammunition shortage in the United States, Remington ramped up production of its ammunition factories to take advantage of the U.S. presidential election cycle that created a "panic buying" situation for U.S. gun owners with concerns the new administration would restrict firearms and ammunition sales. Currently, Remington has a civilian and Law Enforcement divisions to help gun buyers. If you have shot guns, there is no doubt you have seen or handled a Remington product.

ATAC TV Firearms Channel will review and test many of the Remington Arms products in the coming months. Some of these include the Model 700 bolt-action rifle, 870 shotguns, and the newer Military only ACR. (Adaptive Combat Rifle -The civilian versions of the ACR have to be purchased from Bushmaster) Look for the instruction video programs on ATAC TV Firearms Channel.

Read completed article on ATAC TV Firearm Blog