Have a Firearm Question? Ask the ATAC Guys!

Email ATAC Staff your questions, they are here to help?

Have a Firearm Question? Ask the ATAC Guys, email us your questions!

While putting out the programs on the ATAC TV Firearm Channels, we've received many questions over the course of time. After reviewing each of these questions, we've decided to open up to our viewers a category on each ATAC TV Channel titled, " Ask the ATAC Guys".

The viewers can email a question directly to the ATAC TV Staff on the topics of Firearms Gear and Tactics.

Please send e-mail to: AskAtac@atactv.com.

There is no such thing as a bad question and remember that if you think you know the answer, but you're not 100% sure, then make sure you ask it because you need to be completely certain or else accidents will happen! We are here to help so ask questions and we will get you the answers. If we do not know it, we will find the accurate answer and we will deliver it in program form for all the viewers to see.

We value and appreciate your support from all of the ATAC TV Channels and hope that you will take us up on "Ask the ATAC Guys" on each channel. You never know, your question just may be answered and addressed on a future program on ATAC TV!

Some examples of one of questions asked:

What is the best self-defense Firearm to buy?
What is the most Accurate Pistol?
Is the 1911 Better than the GLOCK?
What is over penetration?
Will a plastic gun get through X-ray?
What is an Accidental Discharge?
Why should I under load my magazines?

E-Mail your question to: AskAtac@atactv.com

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Please understand that the guys get a lot of e-mail. But rest assured, they will do their best to answer them. Take the time to browse through the site; your question may have already been answered.