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Sig Sauer Firearms Programs Coming to ATAC TV Firearms Channel

Sig Sauer firearms are one of the most recognized weapons platform in the world. Because of the wide spread use and interest in SIG firearms, ATAC TV Firearms Channel began review and testing of some of their "flagship" products to produce instructional videos for the benefit of our viewers. The original SIG Company was created in 1853 and started building muskets for the Switzerland's Federal Ministry of Defense out of a Swiss Wagon Factory. Today, Sig Sauer produces a vast array of firearms marketed through out the world, and is one of the largest firearms manufacturing entities on the globe. According to SIG Sauer, at least one-third of the United States Law Enforcement or Police use their firearms.

In 1985, SIG created an American branch and moved to Exeter, New Hampshire with new facilities to handle an initial large investment of manufacturing equipment. SIG Sauer has recently tripled its work force and invested huge sums of money in new state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and equipment to keep up with production orders. SIG continues to be recognized as the fastest growing firearms maker in the United States and is capturing a large portion of the firearms sales in this country.

Our focus today is the SIG Sauer P220 model produced in 9mm Parabellum, .45 ACP and 7.62 X 22mm. The most common caliber is the 9mm pistol. The P220 is a semi-automatic pistol and is the base platform from which the other models are built. The newer models include the P225, P226, P228 and P229. There are many variations of each model and SIG continues to develop and refine existing product for new markets. The P220 is an outstandingly successful design, and it and all the variations are in service in armed services, protection companies and police in many countries. Read the complete article @ Firearms Blog

A Browning locked breech short-recoil design is utilized in the P220 similar to the 1911, Browning Hi-Power and the CZ-75 pistols. This is a very reliable action and proven through the years as rugged and strong. The frame is of a forged allow with a hard-anodised coating to protect it. Since the trigger action is Double Action/Single Action, the P220 incorporates a hammer-drop lever rear of the trigger on the left side of the pistol. This is the De-cocking lever. Read the complete article @ Firearms Blog

The SIG Sauer P220 is a robust, reliable, well-engineered handgun that continues to stand the test of time. With all the variants available there is a SIG pistol that is right for everyone. As with any product these days, you get what you pay for and you can't go wrong with a high-quality production pistol from SIG Sauer, Inc. For instruction videos, keep an eye on ATAC TV Firearms Channel for more information coming soon.

Read the complete article @ Firearms Blog