Venom Tactical Rifles, a Superior Choice!

Venom Tactical Endorsement by ATAC Founder, Tom Clarke

As all who personally know me, I cannot be paid off to say anything. If the product is not good, I will let you know and explain why. If the product is OK, I will do the same. Now, if the product stands out above others and is a reliable, choice then I speak up and that is what I am here to say about Venom Tactical Rifles designed by Lenny Bolton.

Not always can you purchase high end rifle without breaking your bank account. Being around firearms my entire life and then working a variety of platforms when it came to long distance shooting with bolt action rifles I always used the reliable Remington 700. With the great Remington name behind the product, readily accessible parts for repair if needed. These are a common choice amongst military, law enforcement and hunters alike. Venom Tactical has taken the receiver and basically the entire rifle and enhanced it to multiple levels higher. Much like a Mercedes then going upgrading to an AMG Mercedes or a Ford Mustang and stepping up to a Rouch Racing Edition Mustang. At Venom Tactical, Lenny Bolton makes you that custom rifle with the ability to still get parts. Read Complete Article on ATAC TV Firearm Channel Blog

Venom Stock Upgrade: All Venom Rifles use a Pillar Bedded Manners Composite Stock with a Decelerator installed butt pad.
Venom Barrel Upgrade: Lenny Brux Stainless Barrel, and continues to apply his engineering skills. Being chambered to Match Spec and .001 Headspace. 18inch - 24inch length options. Threaded Muzzle with end cap, optional.
Venom Receiver / Bolt Components: Venom Elliptical Bolt, Handle, Knob, Firing Pin and Recoil Lug
Venom Optics Platform Upgrade: All Venom Rifles include a Badger Ordinance One piece 20 MOA Scope Mount on all the Venom Rifles.
Venom Bottom Metal Upgrade: Badger Ordinance M5 Trigger Guard and an Accuracy International detachable 5 round magazine.
Venom Finish and Paint Upgrade: Cerakote/DuraCoat, this is a great base and if needed, can be camouflaged to you're desired look and needs.

One of my personal favorite is Venom Tactical's Cottonmouth Rifle. The day when it came time to break in and zero my rifle we started off with the same DOPE (Data on Personal Equipment) as two other Venom Cottonmouth Rifles had logged, which did not change from 100yds to 1,000+yds. Read Complete Article on ATAC TV Firearm Channel Blog

And as with all Venom Tactical Products, designed by Lenny Bolton, I pass on my highest recommendation to these to suit your end use needs.

Tom Clarke, ATAC's Founder