Don't like your travel physical therapy assignment? Aureus Medical offers advice.

Omaha, NE, (June 14, 2012) -- Travel physical therapy is one of the most rewarding careers you could have. In addition to helping patients recover from injuries and overcome disabling conditions, you are also able to explore new areas of the country while traveling for assignments.  But, what if something isn’t quite going your way?  Aureus Medical (web:, a national leader in healthcare staffing, including travel physical therapy jobs, provides advice.

Whether it's a difficult coworker, a challenging manager or a shift that isn't ideal, some jobs seem so unbearable at times you just feel like giving your two-weeks notice and washing your hands of the whole thing. If you are a travel physical therapist, you can't simply quit and go home.

If you are having trouble getting acquainted with a particular location or you are unhappy with your travel assignment, look for the positives and stick it out. While this might not be the advice you were hoping for, and perhaps a bit reminiscent of the advice your parent may have given you when you wanted to quit little league baseball, it's the best thing you can do if you are hoping to continue working as a travel physical therapist.

Not only are you in a contract to stay the length of the assignment, but if you leave early, you will be leaving the client and the patients in a bind. Not to mention, by cutting the contact short you could be tarnishing your reputation as a traveler.

Read the full article for more advice on what to do if a travel physical therapy job isn’t what you hoped it would be.


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