Taking your pet on a travel physical therapy job assignment

Omaha, NE, (May 25, 2012) - Aureus Medical Group (web: aureusmedical.com), a national leader in healthcare staffing, shares the ins and outs of sharing the experience as a travel physical therapist with a pet.

Physical therapy jobs are some of the most rewarding in the healthcare industry. You have the ability to help patients overcome injuries and disabilities by providing them with the care and support they need. Travel physical therapists get to do this for patients all over the country, going to different locations for 13 to 26 weeks to help fill in the gaps at understaffed hospitals or clinics.

Traveling can give you the opportunity to visit places you've only dreamed of, meeting new friends and experiencing different cultures.

One of the only potential downfalls to working as a travel physical therapist is that some can find it a bit lonely when they are in an unfamiliar place. Although most form relationships with their new coworkers quickly, it can be helpful to have someone to keep you company at home. Fortunately, as a travel physical therapy professional you can bring your pet with you while on assignment.

Talk to your travel physical therapy agency representative to let them know you would like to bring your pet on assignment. He or she will make sure your housing facility allows animals and ensure that you are assigned housing that does.

Keep in mind that some housing providers  will require you to pay a pet security deposit. Any added expenses created by having the pet on assignment will be your responsibility.

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