Aurora Wholesaler Brings Smiles To Your Customers And Revenue To You

Stock up from your Aurora Wholesaler and see the eyes of your customers light up with these top quality soft toys. It can only be good news

Being an Aurora Distributor is an exciting opportunity to take the preferred position on your customers’ shopping lists. Becoming the first stop where consumers satisfy their needs for plush toys has got to be good for business. Not only can you capture the margins on these premium characters, but the increased traffic through your retail nursery, toy or gift outlet means you have increased opportunities for cross-selling other products from your shelves.

Your opportunity to procure from this leading producer just became a lot easier. Leading online Nursery Wholesaler has extended their range of Aurora rag dolls and soft toys to now include the topical and popular Gruffalo and Gruffalo’s child. These range extensions have already started to become fashionable with consumers and retailers alike and so your initiative to put them in your outlet needs to happen now to be part of this trend.

One of the best features about these collectables and toys as stock-keeping units is their wide appeal across the UK. This means that whether you are a specialist baby or gift retailer, or a more diversified toy or nursery shop, these items are sure to be great lines for you to stock.

Another important quality of these toys available from Aurora Wholesaler companies is their inherent ability to bring the gift of smile. This is due to the fact that their producer has become known as one of the leaders in high-end, soft and huggable character designs, across the world market for gifts. They constantly innovate and continue to produce high-quality toys both for collecting and for playing.

It is this invariable focus on innovation that has led to this range extension. Appealing to both infants and adults their existing range available from Baby Goods Wholesale includes such lovable characters as the Aurora Bonny Bear First Teddy, the Aurora Elephant in Two Colours, the Aurora Teresa Summer Rag Doll, and the Aurora Stitch Pals. They also have complementary products such as the Aurora Craft Critters Comforter.

Now, the choice that you can offer an even wider array of customers includes sitting soft toys and hand and finger puppets from the wildly-popular and wildly-designed literary character the Gruffalo and the Gruffalo’s child. The Gruffalo Sitting Soft Toy and Gruffalo’s Child Sitting Soft Toy are both available in 7’’ and 16’’ sizes. To further enhance the attraction of the range are the Gruffalo Hand and Mouse Finger Puppet, and Gruffalo’s Child Hand Puppet.

Extend the appeal of Aurora and the Gruffalo plush products to your retail spot today.

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