Exclusive Sexual Master Class Offer Will Blow Away in 72 Hours For Love System Website Members

Website Provides Members "ASCENSION 1-ON-1 WITH THE MASTERS" at a Tremendously Tempting Price

Los Angeles, CA - The first ever sexual master class of its kind, "ASCENSION 1-ON-1 WITH THE MASTERS" is being offered at a steal of a price only to members of the Love Systems online community (www.lovesystems.com). The exclusive offer is strictly for a limited number of memberships and will be on sale for just 72 hours from November 19th 2009 until midnight November 21st 2009 - never to be released again (owing to licensing exclusions).
This no-holds barred sexual master class is a world-first and nothing like it has ever been attempted before. This is the first and only time that Ascension will ever be on sale. The Master Class provides a sweltering hot 10 part interview series with nine of the world's most talented, experienced and well known male and female adult film stars. All of whom graphically reveal their personal secrets and sexual techniques that they credit for their rising to the occasion in pornographic success. With each purchase of the Sexual Master Class members will also receive a notorious sex guide "Complete Sexual Mastery" for free that was authored by a retired male porn star and in 2008 it sold for over $1000.00 a copy. Additionally Love Systems are giving members a limited edition guide to Sexual Seduction and VIP status for their 2010 Super Conference.
"I've decided to help equip you with an entirely new and never-before released Love Systems guidebook", President and CEO of Love Systems Nick Savoy said in a note to all of his members. "I just thought it would be cool to match the limited edition 'world-first' master class, with a limited edition 'world-first' Love Systems guide".

The sexual master class is provided to the members after purchase in an instant 2.0 download to avoid embarrassing packages landing on members doorsteps. The download will unlock an amazing five hours of exclusive audio from a total of 8 masters interviewed, including both male and female porn stars. All of which are recognizable names within the adult porn industry and with their experiences combined they have a total of 5000+ adult film titles. Which for Love Systems Members that means sexual advice and audio tips from true sexual masters that have performed thousands upon thousands of hours of steamy sexual experiences, partners, erotic situations and sexual acts.

The "Complete Sexual Mastery" guide is a male-only sex guide that includes an explosive mix of sexual hypnosis audios, a 25 part audio series, as well as multiple diagrams and training manuals that trains men for peak sexual performance. With over 300 pages the sex guide could not have been paired with a better exclusive offer than the "ASCENSION 1-ON-1 WITH THE MASTERS".

To try and get your strictly limited edition copy of "ASCENSION 1-ON-1 WITH THE MASTERS", it's companion guide "Complete Sexual Mastery" and all of the Love Systems bonuses, go to www.only72hours.com. With only limited memberships available, it is expected to sell out quickly and well inside of the 72hour deadline.

About Love Systems
Based in Los Angeles, CA Love Systems was established in 2004 as the Mystery Method Corporation by Nick Savoy and his partner and was later renamed Love Systems in 2007 by Nick Savoy. The company markets dating seminars and provides proven, comprehensive methods that allow men to meet and form relationships with the highest caliber of women. The System has been years in the making, combining both tried-and-true and experimental techniques for meeting and interacting with women in real social situations.