WardrobeAve.com Announces Designer Driven Website as Major Source for Up to Date Fashion Trends

New Website Model Rejuvenates the Shopping Experience for Today's Up- to-Date Fashionista

Wardrobe Ave, (http://www.wardrobeave.com), announced today the official launch of their new online store tailored for the trendiest of fashionistas everywhere. WardrobeAve.com offers a unique model in which fashion designers, established or new may sell directly through the website only after undergoing a thorough designer screening process. The end result is a website that offers shoppers the most up to date items for each season as well as rare and exclusive designer pieces that are sure to dazzle. WardrobeAve.com is not just a website for females looking to grab the hottest new style but they also carry men's and children's fashion as well. Aside from being the fashionista's best-held secret of 2011, WardrobeAve.com is a platform that gives up-and-coming designers, specialty boutiques, and vintage sellers an opportunity to showcase their products and sell their designs. The website is an exciting showcase for unique apparel that is not mass-produced.

"All of our designers are hand picked. The website has been curated so that all designers have to be accepted before they can post their products. The process is thorough, however fashion is always moving forward and we wanted our website to reflect that" states Deezah Suleman CEO of WardrobeAve.com. "Nowadays you can walk into three different upscale stores and find the same dress on every rack which takes the fun out of shopping and kills the fun in originality associated with fashion. WardrobeAve.com brings that fun factor back. You never know what must have piece you might stumble upon when visiting our website."
With WardrobeAve.com's unique selling model, their prices, styles and pieces vary. The site carries women's wear, high fashion to casual clothing and accessories that can vary in price from high end fashionable items as low as $100, to unique in vogue pieces that can range within the high hundreds. Once accepted, serious designers are able to sell quality items that are not mass-produced. Gone are the embarrassing days of wearing the same dress as another and "she stole my look" moments.

For more information on WardrobeAve.com, to inquire about submitting a designer application, or to simply shop until you drop please visit http://www.WardrobeAve.com or call 877.841.7244.

About WardrobeAve.com
Established in 2010 by Deezah Suleman, www.WardrobeAve.com is a brand new site that aims to revolutionize the way that fashion is brought to the general public by allowing designers to sell directly through their website to the consumer. WardrobeAve.com carries a full line of high-end luxury to casual fashion for women, men and children all ranging in prices and style. For more information visit http://www.WardrobeAve.com, follow them on Twitter at http://twitter.com/wardrobeave or become a fan on Facebook at http://on.fb.me/hkqIEv.