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04.25.2011- Here at "Beauty and Lifestyle" we are dedicated to informing women on how to look like a star with out spending the dollars a star does. Beauty and Lifestyle Tips has been created by two Humber College students, Marianne Picicci, and Ferni Teves. We provide hairstyle tips, relationship advice, make up tips and beauty tips to keep yourself looking hot for that one, or many men in your life. We are able to provide women who comment on our blog posts advice with real life situations that may come up. Our make-up tips and hair tips provide consumers with ways to look great without spending so much time in front of the mirror. We are also dedicated in informing readers of ways to prepare for summer with great work out tips and ways to eat healthy to shed the pounds to look sexy in that two-piece bikini. Our blog is about real life, real situations and real problems. We have dedicated ourselves to provide women with insight to relationship problems and allow requests for our next blog post. Beauty and Lifestyle Tips is a blog for women by women trying to make life just a little bit easier than it already is. ###