Bellwether Services, Sustainability Champion Presents Retail Outdoor Green Outlook

North American Outdoor Apparel Outlook Presented

How Green are your Sneakers and Outdoor Apparel? Will the Outdoor Retail Trade, Eco Index fuel Q4, 2010 industry growth? Are consumers onboard with the sustainability concept?

John Wilkerson, CPSM, SSMBB, a twice published author and global supply chain advisor to the International Financial Markets recently presented his Green Apparel Outlook to an audience of more than 125 industry researchers. The analysis presented progressive firms such as Nike, REI, Adidas and

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Green is the Outlook for Apparel Brands and Retailers, Nike, REI, Adidas, Amazon - GLG News

About the Author:
John Wilkerson, CPSM, SSMBB, Vice President, Supply Chain and Sustainability Practice Leader at Bellwether Services, strategic management consulting firm advising global clients on complex issues of strategy, operations, technology, and sustainability has authored nearly 80 influencial indutry analysis.

Wilkerson specializes in Global Supply Chain Planning, Acquisition Management, Lean Six Sigma, Sustainability, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He has served several commercial sectors including; Food, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Logistics, Chemical, Automotive, Aerospace and Computer Electronics.

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