Birmingham Environmental Firm, Slade Land Use Lends GHG, Scope 3 Expertise in New Federal Supply Chain Business Resource offers discount on New Green Supply Chain Book

John Wilkerson, Vice President, Supply Chain and Sustainability Practice Executive at Bellwether Services announces the 2nd Edition, Green Supply Chain Management Book Series "Greening the Federal Supply Chain". The 2nd Edition is scheduled for online release on August 2010. The book's purpose, sample topics and ordering details as well as the author's background are as follows:

Book's purpose:
Federal Environmental, Energy Leadership Policy, Executive Order 13514 mandates Federal Agencies and Supply Chain Partners to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission and optimize water resources. This new Green Book supports more than 95% of Federal Vendors who are required to measure and implement a GHG Strategy by January 2011.

Key topics:
Carbon Footprint Benchmarking
Facility Water Cycle
Staffing Contractor Solution
Employee Carbon Emissions
Make to Order
Refrigerants in the Supply Chain
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Carbon Abatement Opportunities
Energy Service Company (ESCO)
Green Supply Chain Integration Plan
Board of Director Roles
Green Purchasing Strategy
Corporate Branding

Ordering Details:
Author: John Wilkerson
ISBN 13: 9781934947524-54495
ISBN 10: 1934947520

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Title: Greening the Federal Supply Chain- A Federal Contractor's Executive Order 13514 (Environmental & Energy Policy) Implementation Resource
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About the Author:
John Wilkerson, CPSM, SSMBB is a two time published author and Vice President, Supply Chain and Sustainability Practice Leader at Bellwether Services, strategic management consulting firm advising global clients on complex issues of strategy, operations, technology, and sustainability. He specializes in Global Supply Chain Planning, Acquisition Management, Lean Six Sigma, Sustainability, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He has served several commercial sectors including; Food, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Logistics, Chemical, Automotive, Aerospace and Computer Electronics.

Wilkerson has authored the Green Supply Chain Management Book Series, Reality of Green Series, Game Changing Moment for the CPO, Greening the Supply Base, 4 Simple Steps, It Takes Strategic Vision to Secure the CFO's Attention, Lean Sourcing Innovation: Aligning Consumption to Strategic Sourcing and Retail Manufacturing.

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