BendBroadband Brings Newly Launched C-Span Digital Bus to Bend, Oregon

Public invited to learn about public affairs through interactive multimedia

The C-SPAN Digital Bus will visit Bend on its national tour with two stops in the Bend area. During the stops, visitors will have the opportunity to tour the Digital Bus and learn about C-SPAN's public affairs programming.

Launched in June 2010, C-SPAN's new customized coach is engaging visitors of all ages through interactive multimedia. Digital Bus visitors are experiencing C-SPAN's unique public affairs content across high-tech platforms such as HD-TV, the internet, and radio, encouraging customers to follow "Washington, your way." Hands on demonstrations feature the C-SPAN Video Library and the network's social media offerings and there are special resources for civics teachers and their students.

The Digital Bus is designed to provide interactive, self guided multimedia tours demonstrating C-SPAN's programming via varied distribution platforms to all visitors, including:
 TV monitors to demonstrate the C-SPAN Networks in both standard and high definition.
 Computer kiosks to demonstrate C-SPAN's many web offerings including the Video Library.
 Laptops and mobile application devices to demonstrate C-SPAN's social media presence and radio offerings.

The C-SPAN Digital Bus was launched in June of 2010, however, this year also marks the bus program's eighteenth year on the road. The C-SPAN Digital Bus and crew travel the country, producing programs, and promoting civic engagement through education.

About the C-SPAN Digital Bus
In June 2010 the C-SPAN Digital Bus was launched to showcase cutting edge technologies and update C-SPAN's community outreach within the eighteen year Bus program. In 1993, C-SPAN launched its Bus program as a way to bring the world of public affairs into schools and communities nationwide. Working with cable television partners across the nation, C-SPAN's bus program has visited students, teachers, and citizens in all 50 states to discuss public affairs, C-SPAN's programming and free educational resources. In May 2010, after traveling more than a million miles, the two original C-SPAN buses were retired from service, and the C-SPAN Digital Bus was launched.
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