BendBroadband Offers Free Preview of HBO / Cinemax June 24 - 27, 2011

Subscribers can preview all HBO and Cinemax channels in celebration of the season four True Blood Premiere

BendBroadband will offer customers a free preview of all HBO and Cinemax channels as well as all related HBO and Cinemax Video on Demand content from June 24 to June 27. The free preview coincides with the season four premiere of the popular vampire series, True Blood at 9pm Sunday evening.

Open HBO channels include all standard-definition channels from 425 to 435 as well as all HBO high-definition channels from 436 to 441. The open Cinemax channels consist of SD channels 400 to 411 and HD channels 412 to 419.

In addition to the season premiere of True Blood, viewers will have the opportunity catch X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Avatar and the HBO theatrical premiere of their new movie, Going the Distance and dozens of other movies and original series. The interactive programming guides offered by BendBroadband will provide complete and detailed programming information throughout the free preview.

On HBO on Demand (located in the Premiums category of BendBroadband's VOD menu) viewers will have the chance to catch the entire first season of the new HBO series Game of Thrones (based on the epic fantasy novels written by author George R. R. Martin).

BendBroadband customers with any questions about the free preview are encouraged to call the company's customer care team at 541-382-5551.