BendBroadband Partners with Pepsi-Cola and Earth2O to Support Local Booster Clubs

Donation of 10,000 water bottles means local booster clubs retain 100% profit from sales at school events

BendBroadband has partnered with Pepsi-Cola Company of Bend and Earth2O to donate more than 10,000 16.9 oz water bottles to all Central Oregon public high school booster clubs. Beginning in September, booster clubs will be able to sell these water bottles at a 100% profit, at athletic events.

"During a time when schools are faced with increasing budget cuts, BendBroadband is proud to do everything we can to support local schools and their students," commented Sonja Donohue, community relations manager at BendBroadband. "This is a true win-win for everyone involved and we're excited to team up with Pepsi on this effort."

The water bottle label highlights both the localism and community support of BendBroadband and Pepsi, both of which are locally-owned and operated companies with deep roots in Central Oregon. Last year alone, water bottle sales raised an estimated $1200 - $2500 per school in the region, depending on volume sold and selling price.

The water bottles will be delivered from the team at Pepsi as part of their regular deliveries to each of the schools in September.

"It's a pleasure partnering with BendBroadband to help Central Oregon high school booster clubs," added Betsy Skovborg, vice president at Pepsi-Cola Company of Bend. "Both of our locally-owned and operated companies have supported the communities of Central Oregon for many, many years. I am particularly excited to co-sponsor this water bottle project because it is a fun new way to bring in more funds to assist kids and athletics."