A Franking Machine is your Tool of Branding Stamp

Franking is an imprinted or embellished stamp that is added to the postal mail. It  will not only save on cost but will also get your brand out in front of potential customers, as this emblem becomes your unique and personal postal stamp. This is what franking and franking machines are all about.

Knowing that you have that distinctive branding element is the ultimate dream of every business. Having the branding element performing a dual purpose of being a postage mark for all your mailing is an added plus. Currently used in the United Kingdom and a few other countries, these emblems are based on having an account with the postal systems upon which you are allotted a certain amount of postal units per month. Then, through a postal machine, the franking is applied to the pieces of mail that are sent through it. The items are franked by franking machines as long as there are funds available to do so. This is a great way for companies and individuals who regularly have large quantities of mail to send. It is a cost effective and convenient way of dealing with your mail.  Franking also makes the tracking of packages and bulk pieces easier, as the distinctive emblem is assigned to one individual account.

Some larger agencies, like governmental departments, will often use a separate franking machine for their interdepartmental mailing systems. This is an ideal way to separate and distinguish mail from the general post within the public sector. Franking may also be applied as part of an electronic signature to any internet correspondence done by the company. It is a great way to focus the attention on the company’s identity.   

Franking machines are a viable marketing tool in the private sector.

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Use the right  franking machine and do not go for any franking machines  without knowing what to expect.