About Gundam DVD - The Popular Anime Metaseries

If you are browsing through the anime section in a local DVD store then you are sure to find a Gundam DVD there because this is one of the most popular Japanese anime metaseries. For a person who is deeply into anime cartoons about robots this one is definitely the epitome and hence a must-have. These giant robots are also called Mobile Suits (MS) or mecha. The MS of the protagonist in this metaseries usually have the name ‘Gundam’. In one of the episodes, a Gundam unicorn MS is featured and this is considered to be one of the coolest mechas of all time.

This metaseries is created by Sunrise studios. Originally this started out as a television show back in April in the year 1979. It is amazing how this television series had so much potential that it spawned a franchise which includes various works released by countless media. To get an idea of what this popular series is like, you should try and acquire a Gundam DVD. Watching the episode featuring Gundam unicorn is strongly recommended since it is the zenith of entertainment but if you cannot get hold of that then you can watch any other episode.

Gundam is available in a variety of forms like OVAs (Original Video Animations), mangas, novels, movies, video games and so on. Therefore if you are not a fan of watching a Gundam movie or a Gundam DVD then you can always go for other forms in order to experience the reason behind the popularity of this anime first hand. You can read a novel, a manga (comic book) or if you are a gamer then you can try out Gundam games. Just like the novel and the television series, these games are bound to have the mobile suit called Gundam unicorn since this is such a popular MS.

Purchasing a Gundam DVD which features the entire franchise is a good idea since it comprises of seven timelines. Although all seven of these timelines do not really intersect with one another because they are extremely distinct but strangely enough they are minutely related and hence they can be pieced together. However if you were to look at it from the general perspective then you will find that there are only a few common elements. One of these common factors is the titular war machine known as Gundam. The Gundam unicorn, however, does not feature in all of the timelines.

Finding the Gundam DVD in your locality is not a hard task and you just have to head over to a store that sells DVDs or CDs. You also have to ensure that it is a genuine one so that you don’t face any problems with the DVD. If you have a television channel that airs anime cartoons then you can see whether Gundam is included in it otherwise you can always rely on the DVD. Free downloads are also possible however you might not get the episode which features Gundam unicorn because not all free sources have the complete collection of Gundam episodes.

Even though the Gundam series is quite different from the typical anime series which features teenagers or young adults, this one has managed to carve its niche and gain immense popularity. The success of this anime series can be attributed to the fact that it features some cool robots like the Gundam unicorn robot or mobile suit. For just a small price, you can purchase a Gundam DVD and enjoy watching the series with high quality picture and audio features.

Resource Box – For ardent fans of the Gundam series, acquiring the Gundam DVD  is indeed the best option. Amongst other episodes it is sure to feature Gundam unicorn which is the considered as being the best in the entire collection.