Buying an Apple Macbook or a laptop with Windows XP?

The world of computer users is torn with this question and people are staunchly loyal to whichever one is their favorite. It is even harder to choose if you want a portable computer. In the end, whether you lean to an Apple Macbook or one of the Laptops with Windows XP that are on the market, it all comes down to what you are intending to use it for. Also, it easier to choose by answering first the question: “Are you an Apple user type or Windows XP?”

Statistics show that people that use Macbooks are mostly authors and lawyers, accountants, architects, Real Estate agents and many others. Windows users tend to be developers, schools, banks and so on. And then there are those fields, in which both are used, like Home Office users, IT professionals, business owners, hospitals. Of course, this is not a rule. Worldwide, Laptops with Windows XP are more used than the Apple Macbook. Windows XP is used by 65% of people, while only 3-4% uses the Mac OS X.

Basically, if we study the psychology of the user, the Apple Macbook with be the right choice for those that consider themselves free-thinkers, intuitive prone, aesthetic-lover, that like to be different and unique, while an Laptop XP would be great for those more conservatives, that think that the world is different enough and some unity is reassuring. They are the people that do not like the intuitive system that is somehow associated with Macbooks and like the flexibility of the Windows XP, rather than “one button-one action” interface.

According to the users, the Apple Macbook is considered to be more stable. Most of them would make strong affirmations such as the Mac OS X is the most stable reliable operating system or declare that after using Laptops with Windows XP and switching to Macbooks they would never go back. Some say that although you they are quite expensive out front, in the long run you save money. Also, it is great for those that they have no idea how to use a computer, because Apple enthusiasts say that the system is much easier to use.

After reading various users reviews, the advantages of Laptops with Windows XP are plenty. They are considered to be cheaper, sometimes even half of the price of an Apple Macbook. Also, the system is more flexible. It is easier to find software for Windows XP than Mac OS X and rather than the Apple company which created the operating system to work only with Apple computers, Windows work on all the other computer, whether it is Dell, HP, etc. and is compatible with a large variety of hardware. Also, it is the right computer for a gamer for you can find games compatible with Windows.

Resource Box: Comparing an  Apple Macbook to Laptops with Windows XP it is like comparing apples with oranges, pun intended. They are basically the same thing, but there are plenty of differences and you should choose your new computer in accordance with your needs.