Creating sensational wood burning ovens do not have to be complicated thanks to numerous design and material options.

Wood burning ovens are sensational outdoor cooking structures to have at home. That being said, its appeal should not end with how rustic or appealing it looks. At the end of the day, the purpose of having an outdoor oven is to be able to create a venue to cook up foods, the traditional way possible, from pizzas to any other kinds of meals that you desire to cook. It all begins with the right construction planning and construction, and most importantly, high quality refractory material to keep your oven lasting longer and offering brilliant flames that are appealing and alluring.

It is important to have a good design when creating wood burning ovens. Normally you will find domed ovens ideally for pizzas. Domed designs are ideal since it allows the heat to transfer evenly across on any direction based on where the heat is coming from. By keeping the heat source a consideration, the heat transfer will become more reliable especially for cooking purposes. It would be best to have an expert handle the design and measurements of the outdoor oven so that you know that it is exactly as you would want it to function.

Choosing a refractory brick. For most wood burning ovens, a refractory brick is used to line the entire interior of the oven while in most cases; a concrete type is used to create the outer shell to ensure that the heat does not go out that easily. A refractory brick is ideal since it prevents the heat from escaping and it also is capable of withstanding intense heat that could already cause regular concrete to crack with repetitive heating and cooling. The refractory material you will choose is the main component that makes the outdoor oven, an oven.

When choosing bricks for wood burning ovens, make sure that it has a smooth, flat side, without any curves. If there are curves, you might risk having gaps on the fire box and this could lead to uneven cooking since there are areas that are cooler than other spots. Straight sides should fit perfectly on the oven floor. Tight fit is ideal since when bricks are used, most often the contractors do not use mortar anymore. Nonetheless, you can find refractory in mortar form to handle the heat similar to the bricks themselves. The bricks should also be heavy duty to withstand intense heat and last longer.

Nowadays, you do not have to actually create the oven. There are companies that create precast outdoor oven structures made of high quality refractory materials. You buy them and then just make the foundation and other necessary components to complete the oven. These companies make it easier for you to build an oven but of course, check if the precast wood burning ovens have any structural anomalies because these could lead to a poor functioning oven. Always go for top notch oven designs since this is a great investment that you can put into your home especially if you like cooking.

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