Information about Catering Supplies of United Kingdom (UK)

 From bars to hotels, restaurants to canteens, if you need catering equipment then there’s only one way to go – Next Day Catering Equipment! With a widespread range of catering supplies in stock, they are capable to distribute catering supplies at the lowest prices for the purpose of storing, food preparation and serving. This is a part of the Next Day Catering Equipment Group and they are one of Europe’s best ever growing cookery equipment suppliers. They also have a wide customer base that includes a very high number of the most important companies in all market sectors.

Starting with small coffee shops as well as takeaways to great hotels, restaurants, pubs, furthermore clubs, they are the UK’s most important wholesale contractor of catering equipment. A family run business based in Scotland, they are situated south of the M8 Motorway in close proximity to Presswork Airport. At this position they have a control centre and allocation unit which can offer catering supplies to customers all over the world.

In addition, they also have two area sales offices which can cover up the entire territory of the UK which are the home to their knowledgeable and very well trained employees who are there to grip any enquiries you might possibly have concerning the catering equipment. Here at Next Day Catering Equipment they are able to boast that their labor force includes sale managers and each and every one of them has at least 15 years of experience and knowledge in the manufacturing process. This is indeed a statement that you can be certain you are in good hands when you need any catering equipment due to their knowledge and expertise in this field.

As you will come by their website, you will see a wide array of catering supplies and catering equipment items from leading brands, offering a full variety of catering equipment products which are appropriate for both business and domestic users. Since their inception, they have been recognized to be one of the best sources for catering supplies and first-rate catering equipment. It is their most important aim to continue developing on their well-respected image, but not just by delivering high quality catering equipment products, but by contributing to the highest levels of customer service.

They take immense pride in their customer services they provide beyond reproach, and it is their strong belief that receiving all the orders and delivering them in the appointed time will help construct an association with their clients and thus they will ensure the satisfaction of the clients by means of their customer services. This is one of the causes why their business has thrived and has known success as well as due to the recommendations from all the satisfied customers to their acquaintances and colleagues. Each and every piece of catering equipment that they deliver through their website has been hand picked through the very thorough product investigation they carry out. You can rest assured it is their promise that several pieces of catering equipment you acquire from Next Day Catering will serve their purpose at the highest levels until the end of time.

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