STD Myths and Facts: How to Live a Normal Life?

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) are growing in numbers across the world. If this is an alarmingly true fact, the other side of the story is many people with STD get isolated from within and prefer not to mingle with other people. This is giving rise to mental depression, suicidal cases and STDs are slowly becoming more of mental than physical diseases. A large section of the affected people does not even know that they are preoccupied with wrong notions. STD myths are becoming an obstacle in the social life and this problem is addressed by psychologists with grave importance. However, in a world where medical research has become so advanced and national and international organizations are trying their level best to socialize these affected people, it’s not impossible anymore for the affected persons to get social, spend a normal and happy life and even marry and have children. You can also date a person whom you like. Here is some worth-sharing STD dating tips and some related info to your happy and content life.

Types of STD
Some STDs such as trichonomiasis or pubic lice are curable with medicines. On the other hand, there are viral diseases that are not curable at all. Some of the common STDs are:

•    Gonorrhea: Gonorrhea is caused by unsafe anal, oral and vaginal sex. Condoms can offer protection to some extent, but you should consult a sexologist and take antibiotics or injection as per advice.

•    Herpes: Herpes is caused by skin-to-skin contact and results in pain, itching and flu. Visible symptoms are next to none. It has no cure.

•    Syphilis: Syphilis is curable if proper dosage of antibiotic medicines is taken. But this disease was once considered a fatal one.

•    Human Papilloma Virus (HPV): The venereal warts can be cured by antiviral drugs. HPV may be found during gynecological testing.

•    Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV): HIV is the most talked-about and most dangerous of all the STDs. Flu-like symptoms are pretty common and there are several medicines in the market that can decelerate the progress. But no complete cure is available.  

STD Myths
Myths and wrong notions about STD are endless. However, if you correctly know which is what, you can easily date a person even if you have STD and can mingle with people who have AIDS and other STDs. Let’s check out how.

•    Myth 1: Oral sex does not cause STD

•    Truth: Much alike anal and vaginal sex, oral sex can also cause STDs.

•    Myth 2: Pills can protect you against transmitted diseases

•    Truth: Pills cannot prevent STDs. These medicines can only prevent unwanted pregnancy.

•    Myth 3: I don’t have any signs or symptoms, so I don’t have an STD.

•    Truth: many of the symptoms of STD appear after several years.
If you are not sure you have an STD, get a test. Even if the test results are positive, you have nothing to worry about. While most of these diseases are completely curable, some are controllable throughout a normal span of life. There are many websites where like-minded people share and interact with others and these sites also offer STD dating tips. Subscribing to a similar one can ensure a normal life for you. Just don’t be distracted by myths and wrong notions. Stay informed, thing logically and scientifically and together be a part of a beautiful world.

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