Twinhead Durabook Stands out in the Race of Rugged Notebooks

Few years after the release of Macbooks, the business is mobile and our computing is trying to be. But the computers often fall victim to battle wounds to being mobile. Conditions too hot or cold, windy, dusty, moisture, tilted slides, and shock are often the last battle cry they would hear before failing, until the Twinhead Durabook.

A new breed of mobile computing, in the era of Macbooks, the Twinhead Durabook has come along that is better capable to work in the new business environment. With a strong worldwide presence, Twinhead Durabook has proven to be a strong performer in the business computing market, bringing their strength forward to meet the new mobile office. Because of this changing environment including the ever increasing threat of connectivity, a laptop has to be able to effectively and efficiently work under these new conditions.

Taking clues from those who work in the most extreme of conditions with computing devices as part of their working armament, the Twinhead Durabook takes on both environmental as well as reception issues, as being able to transmit and receive in real time can be critical when it counts the most. It has even been tested to meet military standards of optimal operation under field, battle, or disaster conditions.  The importance of being functional under disaster conditions with limited resources maybe available can make the difference for all emergency services. The Durabook runs on a 5 hour battery. The rotational touch screen makes it easier for multiple viewers to monitor and input information from multiple points. Another unique feature the Durabook is the locking and stabilizing the optical tray of the DVDRW Multi drive to prevent premature ejection/opening in the event of falling.

Unlike fragile devices, the Twinhead Durabook is a strong, magnesium alloyed encased computer that can handle the worst shock conditions that most computers would ever face. It has been put to test to comply with military 810F standards. The backlight keyboard and interior has been reinforced and treated to seal out dirt and moisture while still have the versatility to function in most environments. The strength in connectivity lies in the wireless 802.11 a.g.n/optional 3G module for transmission of information in a safe and secure manner. The built in Blue Tooth 2.0 capabilities for hands free operation. The multi DVDRW drive makes saving information easy. Clearly, if you are after a high tech solution for computing needs, Macbooks is the right choice, but when it comes to reliability, Twinhead Durabook wins hands down.

Windows 7 Pro installed, 250 GBHDD 7200RPM vibration tolerances, 13.3” Bounding Sunlight Readable WXGA touch screen monitor, and 2 year Australian wide warranty. Also comes with both a 30 day for refurbished units and 90 day for new units, which may include additional warrantees, money back guarantee. Free shipping in Australia.

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