Use a Wordpress Client Portal Plugin to Tailor Your Website

Creating an area for your clients by using a wordpress client portal plugin is more common than you think. Using client portal plugins allow you to provide areas of your website that are for your clients use only. You can even reward loyal customers. Setting up special perks allows you to encourage more client registrations and interactions. But be certain that you are not malicious in your intent.  A wordpress customer portal plugin can help you obtain feedback, evaluate demographics, create marketing lists and develop your marketing plan.

WordPress is fully functional on its own. But if you can get more power from your website by customizing it with plugins. When the use of plugins you can take a shell designed for blogging and make a fully functional client interface. A wordpress client portal plugin allows a client to register for access. You can also grant access manually if you want. A username and password can be created. You can choose to approve these entries as well. Once a client login is created they will have access to any special or restricted content you indicate. You can have a variety of levels of access if you want as well.

A wordpress customer portal plugin can automate the whole process. It can assign the private pages, log the registration and assign the username and/or password. While all this is occurring you can collect other information on the client as well. Collecting client data is a valuable resource. Automating this process also helps you to analyze the data you collect. Basic information that is gathered includes addresses and phone numbers. But, you can collect other information as well.

You can control who is and is not allowed client access. There is a plugin that requires your approval for any registration. This plugin will email you whenever a new user attempts to register. You can also control where registered users can go on your website. While you might not want to give them access to the dashboard you would want to grant them access to other areas of your site that might be restricted to just anyone browsing. You can direct a client to a specific page of your website when they log in. This can be changed on a user or group of users basis.

Protecting web pages is another feature that you can use with a wordpress customer portal plugin. Making web content private or public is the point of having user access levels. When you use user access manager plugins you can be very specific who has access to what. There are even more registration plugins that will allow you to change the logo on the login page to a personalized one. While the login page is not necessarily representative of your complete website you want it to appear seamless and integrated. With the use of these plugins you will truly transform the user experience of the wordpress application. Also you should remember that these plugins have been developed after market analysis.

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