Use social media marketing and mobile marketing for the best ad results

Traditional modes of advertisement will continue to be used by organizations because many people still look at billboard and newspaper and TV ads to make their purchasing decisions. Online advertising gathered steam some years ago and many companies have now moved to this form of marketing. But what have become hugely popular nowadays are social media marketing and mobile marketing. If you want targeted audience to visit your website, these two modes of advertisement offer you the best return on investment.

Let us look at social media marketing first. When we talk of social media we talk of websites like Facebook, Twitter and the newly launched Google Plus. Some of the other very popular social media websites are YouTube, LinkedIn and InMobi. Of these, Facebook and Twitter are used by the maximum number of people and this is what makes them such attractive options in marketing. When you visit any of these websites you cannot miss those social media marketing ads that are prominently displayed. If you are interested in some of the products or services displayed you invariably click on these ads. And this is what makes them so powerful.

Mobile marketing is even more personalized than social media marketing. While the Internet users worldwide currently number about 1.8 billion, the number of people using mobile phones is well in excess of 5 billion. More than 50 million of these mobile phone users have their smartphones now. Billions of apps are downloaded every month and people spend a considerable amount of time every day to go through online content using their smartphone. Mobile marketing can target these users through ad searches, web display ads and app ads. And since mobile marketing is well targeted toward the local population, you have a great chance of targeting customers closest to you.

Both social media marketing and mobile marketing are relatively new compared to the other form of marketing. People are still getting used to these forms of marketing and hence, the chances of attracting their attention are rather high. One of the best advantages of social media marketing and mobile marketing is that you can attract targeted customers that are interested in your products and services. You can also use both these forms of marketing to capture the mobile number and email address of your visitors and use the database for other advertisements.

There are many aspects to social media marketing and mobile marketing. These forms of marketing are much more than just designing an ad for your product or service and then displaying the ad on someone’s Facebook profile or apps that someone is trying to download. There are experts that have the entire knowledge about social media marketing and mobile marketing and they have the right tools to create fantastic ads that can capture the imagination of your potential customers.

Start using social media marketing and mobile marketing and give your business that added edge. For a very smart investment you can create some fantastic results for your enterprise.

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Looking for the most effective modes of marketing? Try out social media marketing and mobile marketing.