What is Adrenal Fatigue?

Your adrenals are located on the top of your kidneys. They function by adapting your body to all forms of stress – physical and emotion. In fact, if you look back when you started getting fatigued, it was directly after a stress situation. But first let me expand your definition of stress.

Stress can occur from other people, from a loss of a love one, or going through pregnancy, menopause or even pushing yourself without enough sleep. You body accumulates stress – yes, the old stuff builds up much like all those desktop applications on your computer.

When the adrenals lose their function, the first thing to go is the tolerance to stress. People start getting on your nerves; you become on edge and irritable. You have this continuous thinking – the mind races trying to solve problems 24/7. Over time if sustained stress continues, your memory will be affected. You walk down stairs and wonder why you went down there and you have to backtrack. No, this is not Alzheimer’s, its adrenal fatigue. Your adrenals are getting burnt out and this is affecting your focus, concentration and clarity.

Your sleep cycles are also minimized. Every 90 minutes you’re supposed to go through 4 cycles of sleep from a light sleep to a deep sleep. With adrenal fatigue, the best sleep is a half hour before the alarm goes off. It becomes hard to wind down and feel rested in the morning. Eating celery before bed, gives some adrenal support.

This little hormone called cortisol is behind adrenal fatigue. It is a stress hormone and can act very destructive causing your body’s shape to change - sagging belly, round face with an eventual buffalo hump on the upper back.

How do you support the adrenals?

The worst thing to do is to start going on a diet. This starves your body the calories it needs. You should have eat six small meals a day and increase your protein intake because when the adrenals get tired, they start to break down your own muscle protein – especially in the thigh muscles. Adrenals attack the knees and legs. Anything stress-wise is bad. This is why exhaustive exercise also is not recommended. The best adrenal support exercise is walking, not up hills, but on a flat surface.

There are many adrenal gland supplements available but very few have the right ingredients to help rejuvenate a healthy adrenal. Most try to stimulate yet end up burning out the adrenal even more. The adrenal needs recovery nutrients like GABA, a neurotransmitter, as well glandular extracts to support and give it the raw material to function. The adrenals do well on recovery herbs that help improve cognitive, focus and brain power.

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