Newly Remodeled Home in Phoenix Will Sell for Under $5,000

PHOENIX, AZ, April 9, 2012

Real estate auctions have been around a long time. But they’ve always been reserved for those with cash on hand. is a new, web-based real estate auction that auctions properties for literally pennies on the dollar.

 The first home auctioned on BidAbode, is a property located in Arizona, in a suburb of Phoenix. Because of the unique format of the auction, the property will sell for no more than $5,000. The same property was previously featured on ABC 15 News, Fox 10 News and Inside Edition.

But how is different from other online real estate auctions? Traditional real estate auctions require the winning bidders to pay cash for the properties. BidAbode finances the properties won in its auctions through its 100% seller financing program. There are no other real estate auctions that offer this to auction winners.

For every house auctioned on the website, also donates $500.00 to the Habitat for Humanity charity.


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