FAQs about Florida Hand Center for those experiencing pain in wrist area or hand pain, thinking about hand surgery

Dealing with pain in the wrist or hand pain? These Frequently Asked Questions about the Florida Hand Center will be helpful for those consi

Patients suffering hand pain or  pain in the wrist – especially those considering hand surgery – have plenty of questions which they would like answered by the doctors at Florida Hand Center.

Rightly so. While hand pain can be annoying or even debilitating, sometimes requiring hand surgery, often the unanswered questions are the toughest to deal with. This FAQ presented by Florida Hand Center may help keep the pain in the wrist from becoming a pain in the neck.

What are the Florida Hand Center specialties?
As the name implies, Florida Hand Center focuses on hand pain, pain in the wrist, fingers and arm. Florida Hand Center may be most noted for its treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, but Dr. Stephen Helgemo and his staff's skill in diagnosing and treating asilar Joint Arthritis, Trigger Finger, Dupuytren's Contracture, DeQuervain’s Tendonitis, Ganglion Cysts, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome and Lateral Epicondylitis should not be overlooked.

Where is Florida Hand Center located?
The office is located in Port Charlotte, FL just off of US 41 on Murdock Circle in the Murdock Circle Executive Center across the street from Dillards in the Port Charlotte Town Center.  Florida Hand Center also conducts free hand screenings and seminars in many other areas in Florida.  Visit http://www.floridahandcenter.com/patient-center/free-hand-screening to see our upcoming hand screening and seminar schedule and register to attend.

Why travel to have your hand painarm painand treated at Florida Hand Center?
Florida Hand Center is the only facility between Tampa and Miami that solely treats conditions of the hand and arm including pain in the wrist- and has been successfully treating thousands of patients each year since 1999.  FHC can quickly and effectively diagnose and treat hand problemswith nonsurgical treatment options orhand surgery, because of doctors’expertise and experience in this area of the body. Currently, 25 percent of FHC patients come from outside the immediate areato be diagnosed and treated at Florida Hand Center.

Does Florida Hand Center take Medicare?
Yes, FHC accepts Medicare coverage and makes every effort to collect all claims for services rendered and treatment received with coverage.  Patients are responsible for any portion or remaining balance not paid by Medicare.

What about other forms of insurance?
Florida Hand Center is under contract with over 700 types of insurance and insurance programs. Staffers will verify insurance coverage prior to appointments, but patients are responsible for any co-pays or deductibles at the time of the visit. 

What if there isn't any insurance coverage?
Florida Hand Center offers several self-pay patient programs and options. FHC will provide a quote as to what patients will be charged for a visit, any treatments for hand painor pain in wrist, braces, splints, imaging and hand surgeryor other surgical treatments.

How long has Dr. Helgemo been practicing?
Founder of Florida Hand Center, Dr. Stephen Helgemo has been a practicing orthopedic surgeon for 14 years, but has spent the last 12 years working only as a hand and arm specialist. He is dual board certified in both orthopedic surgery and hand surgery, and is Florida’s leading carpal tunnel surgeon. From 2008 - 2010 alone he performed over 2,300 outpatient procedures and over 1,400 in-office procedures. Florida Hand Center has also recently welcomed hand surgeon Dr. Ivan Olarte to the practice, who is now seeing new patients for diagnosis and treatment.

What is Florida Hand Center's success rate?
In early 2010 our patients began completing a satisfaction survey. Those surveys collected have discovered that over 96 percent of surveyed patients would recommend Florida Hand Center to their friends and family experiencing hand painor in need of hand surgery.

How many gallons of water are in the office fish tank?
A funny question, but one that is asked often. It is 1,000 gallons.

Any additional questions about yourpain in the wrist, hand pain, or potential hand surgerycan be answered via phone call, (1-877-892-4263) or email (contact@floridahandcenter.com).