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POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA – February 22, 2012 --, the #1 Trusted Source for Jewish Gifts, has published a Passover Gift Buying Guide, which is the latest edition in its Jewish gifts buying guide series. The Traditions Jewish Gifts Jewish Passover Gift Buying Guide provides helpful buying advice for Passover or Pasech and helps both Jewish and non-Jewish customers to find a Jewish Passover gift that will be sure to please any friend or relative.

In the Jewish faith, Passover is one of the most celebrated holidays. It is chock full of customs and rituals that commemorate the exodus of the Jewish people out of Egypt. Like most special occasions, it is often a challenge to find the right Passover gifts for family or friends, which is where the Passover Gift Buying Guide comes in handy. Traditions Jewish Gifts simplifies the process by offering Jewish Passover gift ideas that are sure to be a hit.          

If you are playing host for Passover, you want to stock up on your Passover items to have the most memorable Seder possible. Use Traditions Jewish Gifts’ Passover Gift Buying Guide as a resource to ensure you have everything you need for a traditional Seder meal. You may find that the first person you need to get a Jewish Passover gift is yourself. When you are attending a Seder dinner at the home of a family or friend, don’t show up empty handed. Instead partake in one of our Passover Gift Ideas that are certain to leave lasting impression. makes it easy to understand Passover gift giving. Online shoppers can use the tips found in the Passover gift guide and browse through a wide selection of Judaica gift items for Passover, including thousands of Passover gifts at

With this Jewish Passover gift guide, you can’t go wrong.  Here are some of the most relevant Jewish Passover gifts that are included in the guide.

Seder plate: Passover is the only Jewish holiday that is primarily celebrated with a service at home (the seder), not at synagogue.  The Seder plate is the centerpiece of the Jewish Passover celebration, holding all of the important items used during the service.  All Seder plates have sections to hold the items, but they can be as varied in design (glass, metal, ceramic, wood; traditional, classic, contemporary) as their owners.  Seder Plates & Trays are perfect gifts for Passover, as well as engagement, wedding, anniversary, and housewarming gifts for your Jewish friends.

Matzah Trays – The perfect complement to the Seder plate is the customary matzah tray. The matzah tray holds the three matzahs at the Seder meal. Also available in glass, ceramic, metal or wood, a matzah tray makes for a great gift. Sets of matching Seder plates and matzah trays are also available.

Elijah’s cup:  The prophet Elijah is said to visit each seder and we fill a special wine glass and set it on the table for him to drink from when he arrives.  Elijah’s cups make a lovely Passover gift.

Miriam’s cup:  Miriam's Cup is a new ritual for the Passover seder.  Its purpose is to honor the role of Miriam the Prophetess in the Exodus and to highlight the contributions of women to Jewish culture, past and present.  During the seder, Miriam’s Cup is filled with water poured from each of the water glasses of women at the seder.  A Miriam’s cup makes a perfect gift for girls being Bat Mitzvahed or Confirmed, bridal shower, the birth of a daughter, or Passover in a family rich with women.

Matzah Covers : Matzah covers are important as they are used to hold the three matzot – the Keter, the Hokhmah and the Binah. The three matzots are then put on the matzah tray and displayed on special matza covers.  Pick a matzah cover that reflects the symbols of Passover.

Need help finding a Passover gift?  Shop online at to see the full collection of Jewish Passover gift items, including Passover Seder plates, Passover Matzah plates and trays, Matzah Covers, Passover Music, Passover gifts for children, and more.

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