How to Win the Lottery by Picking Winning Numbers

New Scientific Device Helps Players Pick Winning Numbers

SYRACUSE – R & G Specialty Products announced today that their newly developed lottery number picking device, the Bio-Pick, helps lottery players choose numbers to play that have the best possible odds of winning prizes in any lottery.  Bio-Pick combines electro-chemical signals from the lottery player’s body with the player’s intuition, using technology similar to polygraph lie-detectors, to pick winning numbers that are uniquely personal, yet mathematical superior or equal to any other method. 

According to R & G Specialty Products, the Bio-Pick is not one of the many “strategies,” “systems,” or “schemes” that have been marketed and pushed to unwitting players for decades. Rather, the Bio-Pick is a new, scientific device designed, developed, and tested over the past several years by scientists exploring how to win the lottery by picking winning numbers that are both unique and provide the best possible mathematical odds.  Bio-Pick also makes a great gift for lottery players, offered at the relatively low price of $19.95.  It can be ordered online at either (, or from the Bio-Pick website ( 

Bio-Pick technology links biological input to intuition and luck.  The hand-held device, about the size of a smart phone, reads the electro-chemistry of the person holding it, and responds to those readings.  Several players recently using the new Bio-Pick device have already reported successful wins. The hand-held device, with built-in bio-sensors, is already programmed to support all lotteries in North America and, with its USB port, is easily updated for free via the Internet whenever a lottery changes or whenever lotteries from other parts of the world are made available.