Match Mega Millions Numbers Using Science

Improve Your Chance of Winning to "Best Possible"

SYRACUSE – R & G Specialty Products announced today that their newly developed smart device, the Bio-Pick, will enable lottery players to pick numbers to play that have the best possible odds of winning the Mega Millions lottery and any other lottery offered in North America.  Although winning can’t be guaranteed, using the Bio-Pick technology, which is similar to polygraph lie-detector technology and measures electro-chemical signals from your body, helps players pick winning numbers that are uniquely personal, yet have the best possible odds of winning.  Numbers generated by using the Bio-Pick are mathematically superior to sentimental numbers, such as anniversary dates and jersey numbers, and are not based on rationalizing what numbers might win, but are based on the power of human intuition.

The Bio-Pick device, about the size of a smartphone, was developed by team of technologists seeking a link between science and intuition, and who devoted substantial research and effort into the conception, design, and manufacture of the Bio-Pick.  Many players recently using the new device have already reported successful wins, and R & G Specialty Products notes that all Mega Millions players using the Bio-Pick should select program number “05” from the Menu. Bio-Pick is programmed to support all lotteries in North America and, with its USB port, is easily updated for free via the Internet whenever a lottery changes or whenever lotteries from other parts of the world are made available.

Although there was no Jackpot Winner in the Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday, March 27, 2012, nearly 300 players won more than $10,000, and more than 25,000 players won at least $150. Tired of not winning in the lottery?  Stop using numbers that don’t win, and trying winning with Science on your side.  

Bio-Pick also makes a great gift and, with an MSRP of $39.95, is still temporarily being offered at the introductory price of $19.95.  It can be ordered online at either, or from the Bio-Pick website (