Millions of Winning Tickets Sold in Mega Millions

Bio-Pick Reports on 1st Quarter Winning Lottery Numbers

SYRACUSE – R & G Specialty Products announced today that more than 40 million winning tickets were purchased by Mega Millions lottery players in the first quarter of 2012 (January 1 to March 31).  Although only 4 jackpot winning number tickets were purchased during the quarter, nearly 3,000 winning tickets were purchased during the quarter that won prizes worth $10,000 and $250,000.  The total number of Mega Millions winning tickets purchased during the first quarter of 2012 was 41,344,810 – representing millions of dollars in prizes won by lottery players, despite the fact that only 4 tickets matched the jackpot numbers.  Although the odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are slim, the chances of winning prize money in amounts less than the jackpot are relatively very good, especially if players use numbers that have the best possible odds of winning.

R & G Specialty Products tracks lottery prize winnings as part of their Bio-Pick project to use technology to help people pick lottery numbers that win, and not necessarily win the jackpot, though that is always a possibility.  Their new invention, a smart device named “Bio-Pick” is already helping lottery players pick winning numbers, including some of the prizes won in the Mega Millions lottery during this past quarter, and it is now available for purchase online.

The Bio-Pick uses technology, similar to polygraph lie-detector technology, to  measure the body’s electro-chemical signals and use those signals to help players pick winning numbers that are uniquely personal, yet have the best possible odds of winning.  According to the company, numbers generated with the Bio-Pick are mathematically superior to sentimental numbers, such as anniversary dates, jersey numbers, and children’s ages.  The scientific theory behind the Bio-Pick is that winning in a lottery is not the result of rationalizing or logically thinking about what numbers might win, but if the power of human intuition can provide an advantage in picking winning numbers, the Bio-Pick invention makes it possible to access that intuition.  Patents on this innovative technology are now pending.

Bio-Pick is programmed to support all lotteries in North America and, with its USB port, is easily updated at no cost via the Internet whenever a lottery changes or whenever lotteries from other parts of the world are made available.  Bio-Pick normally retails for $39.95, but because the folks at R&G want to build a public awareness of this exciting technology, they are temporarily offering it at an introductory price of $19.95 and shipping it at no cost.  It often pays for itself very quickly and can be ordered online at either, or from the Bio-Pick website (