Oh My, Your Brain Can Help You Win the Lottery

Quantum Science Opens Doors to Brain Power and Advantages Such as Winning the Lottery

            From surfing to the stock market to winning the lottery, the principle remains the same: get in early and grab the advantage before everyone else catches on. 

            Often times, when something new comes along, we wait until its merits (or lack thereof) are established and well known.  That's the "safe" approach, of course; but as we all know, the greater the risk, the greater the reward.  And as long as the cost is low, taking a risk may very well be worth it.

            In today’s technology circles, scientists are beginning to uncover secrets about our universe that are challenging many of the assumptions we thought we could rely on regarding our existence on planet Earth.  Most of this new work is being done in the area of Quantum Physics.  It's mind-boggling to most of us “lesser scientists” but it's something you may want to find a way to use to your advantage. 

            For untold ages, we have known of our ability to reach beyond the limitations of our flesh and blood existence by using nothing more than the power of our minds – our intuition, for example.  That our minds have abilities we don’t yet understand is well established.  What we don’t know is the why and the how.  Today, however, Quantum Physics and a variety of related sciences are starting to provide some answers.  The swell of curiosity has become a wave.  What knowledge we have gained on this topic so far is encouraging and allows us to make assumptions based on the observations and experiments that have been done.  Although we may not fully know how our minds are capable in a metaphysical sense, simply establishing that we have these abilities is sufficient to justify taking steps to build upon what was learned before.

            Quantum science regards the speed of light in a vacuum to be the upper limit of speed for anything in the universe.  We also know that Light and Time are inter-related.  The generally accepted theory of relativity says that at the speed of light, Time does not exist.  Photons (light particles) can exist, for example, in the past and in the future simultaneously, because for them, there is no "time".  Discoveries such as “quantum entanglements” where photons great distances apart are still “bonded” have been proved, and there is evidence that Photons also carry information.  Add to that the discovery that the human brain emits measurable electromagnetic and Photonic energy and some interesting possibilities begin to emerge.  Put these facts together and one can reasonably imagine ways to exploit these phenomena to our advantage.

            For example, we now know that the human brain directly receives and emits photons (light particles), and it follows that the brain is capable of making use of them.  We also know that the subconscious mind is the repository of certain abilities which we currently refer to as "paranormal".  It's reasonable to ask what our subconscious is truly capable of, especially with respect to the recent discoveries in quantum science.  To answer that question we must make assumptions based on the experiments and the evidence.  Luckily, that evidence exists in abundance.  So let's use it to indulge in a little educated assumption. 

            The subconscious mind takes in and emits photonic energy.  Photonic energy travels at the speed of light (because it is Light).  For Light, there is no Time.  The past, present and future are all there to see. And it is believed that photons carry information. Because of this, it is only a small step to assume that the subconscious mind may very well be capable of accessing that information and be able to "see" things past, present, & future.  But is there any evidence or scientific experimentation to support this assumption?  The answer is Yes there is!

            Let's look at just a few examples.  Within the past couple of years, Telepathy has been demonstrated under laboratory conditions.  Electro-Magnetic energy from the brain has been measured.  Photonic energy emissions from the brain have been recorded and quantified.  Remote Viewing has not only been reliably demonstrated, but is now a mainstay tool in the arsenals of Law enforcement and Intelligence gathering agencies the world over.  The CIA uses it, for example, and it has been reported that this factored into how Saddam Hussein was located and captured.  Remote Viewing is not limited to the present.  Indeed Remote Viewers have demonstrated the ability to see detailed events in the distant past and into the future as well.  Remote Viewer Ingo Swann, working for the CIA, even reported "seeing" "thin rings" around Jupiter and was laughed at by NASA--that is until their space probes reached Jupiter and photographed them. 

            Importantly, this ability isn’t limited to special people, psychics, or Remote Viewers.  Everyone has some ability to some degree. Yes, even You!  Google search the phrase "Remote Viewing" and you may be amazed! 

            Scientists continue to chase down more answer to "Why" or "How" this works, but for our purposes, it’s enough to know simply that it does work.  With today’s technologies and electronic capabilities, there are many applications that can tap into the mind’s metaphysical and extraordinary capabilities.  Polygraphs, electrocardiographs, electroencephalographs, magnetometers, digital tomography, and photo multipliers are all able to detect and measure specific bodily energy and put that energy to use in a specific way.

            This is what the technologists at R&G Specialty Products are doing with their new Bio-Pick interactive device, designed for use in picking numbers to play in lotteries.  The Bio-Pick, like the polygraph, senses the electro-chemical changes in the body caused by changes in the energy patterns of your subconscious mind.  These are called "Autonomic Responses".  Bio-Pick synchronizes its number generator to the subconscious energy generated by your mind.  This is that same subconscious photon energy that is not bound by the limitations of Time!  

            When it comes to lotteries, the Jackpots are high but odds and the cost to play are not – so there is little risk and potential for great reward.  The folks at R&G have chosen lotteries as a way to apply our new knowledge about the capabilities of the subconscious mind.  Because the odds of winning the lottery are so low, lottery players are always on the lookout for any advantage.  Bio-Pick provides an advantage by making use of the subconscious mind’s capabilities to pick lottery numbers that have the best possible chance of winning.

            When used as it’s designed, Bio-Pick is statically every bit as good as “Quick-Pick,” the random number generator provided by state lotteries to pick numbers for players – and which is responsible for 70%-80% of all U.S. lottery wins.  But if R&G’s theories are correct, Bio-Pick should do significantly better than Quick-Pick.  It’s a new device, so that remains to be seen.  But when that happens, it will be a model for an exciting new class of interactive tools to help advance the field of quantum science, while at the same time putting some pretty good money in the pockets of Bio-Pick users!  

            You may want to catch this “quantum wave” now.  As in everything from surfing to the stock market, the principle remains the same: get in early and grab the advantage before everyone else catches on.  The Bio-Pick is low risk, at only $20 per device.  It’s about the size of a smartphone, comes loaded with every lottery in the United States, and the folks at R&G will ship it to you the next day after you place an order. 
You can learn more about the Bio-Pick at www.bio-pick.com.