Powerball Changes Updated in Winning Lottery Number Generator

Handheld Device Easily Updated at No Cost Via the Internet

SYRACUSE – R & G Specialty Products announced today that they have updated the Bio-Pick Data File to incorporate the recent changes to the Powerball Lottery game.  On January 15, 2012, Powerball changed its format in all states where Powerball is played, reducing the available “red” Powerball numbers from a field of 39 to a field of 35.  The available “white” numbers remain the same – a field of 59 numbers.  This change requires Bio-Pick users to update their devices if they want to play the Powerball game.  The free update and information on how to complete the update are available at the Bio-Pick website: www.bio-pick.com.

Bio-Pick, a hand-held device about the same size as a smart phone, has built-in bio-sensors and is programmed to support all lotteries in North America.  With its USB port, is easily updated for free via the Internet to play any lottery in the world, as well as to add new and changing lotteries as they are introduced, including this latest change from Powerball. 

Bio-Pick, which helps players select lottery numbers based on biological input, uses technology similar to polygraph lie-detector technology, resulting in lottery numbers to play that are intuitive and uniquely personal.  Bio-Pick’s technology gives its players a more personal and fun way to play that using random “quick-pick” numbers, and a mathematical advantage over players using numbers that are sentimental, such as anniversary dates, other important dates during the year, and popular jersey numbers.

Bio-Pick sells and ships for only $19.95 (shipping is currently free of charge), and can be ordered online from either Amazon.com (amzn.to/sn1C9I), or from the Bio-Pick website: www.bio-pick.com.