Learn About the Various Benefits of Making Landing Pages on Your Website

Landing page is a must have feature of any e-marketing campaign. There are a lot of ways by which it can assist in the overall marketing process of your business. Let us see some of the major reasons why you should incorporate this page to make your marketing strategy more effective.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page serves as an important advertising tool that brings awareness and visibility to specific content. It is an impactful way to prompt your visitors through CTA “calls-to-action” to provide relevant data which significantly increases the rate of conversion. AB testing is a marketing strategy that compares the two different landing page versions to find which one is more result oriented.

Targeted Messaging

Targeted messaging is another benefit of a landing page. It aids your business to focus only on one message. It needs discipline. You don’t need to say many things at one time. Simply, focus on one message. It is a far better marketing strategy than a homepage that has multiple products or messages.

This sometimes fails to make the desired impact on people. A landing page has a single headline, a single distinctive selling proposition, single call to action as well as a single product photo. In this way, you can easily see that a landing page removes user confusion that leads to poor conversion.

You can create separate landing page for the different sources of traffic for your marketing campaigns such as email, affiliate links, general banner placements and AdWords. This enables your website to provide customized user path through A/B testing to identify the optimum design and messaging.

Enhanced conversions

Use of a landing page helps in effective targeting your online marketing campaign. This results in increased traffic results and a higher rate of conversion. Unlike ordinary websites, where website visitors are sent to the registration form or the homepage, use of landing page produces better results.

Result oriented marketing goals

Landing page helps in referencing the webpage where a visitor gets directed by clicking on a link. A landing page is designed to have specific functionality and content to:

·        Entice visitors

·        Capture visitor data like email and name

·        Convert sales lead to customer

Simpler measurement of campaigns

With just single and focused action on a page, your analytics gets simplified and easy. On the other hand, if you send a visitor to the homepage of the website that contains forty or more links, you can very easily lose the measuring power for conversion success. You can even run the danger of getting your own website conversions impacted by modifications that you may not be aware of.

Website homepages are mostly updated with information collected from various sources all across the firm. Not each of them will be in line with your paid promotional message.


After learning all these benefits of the landing page, there is no doubt in saying that a landing is an essential feature to increase the effectiveness of your business’s online marketing campaign.