B2B Email Marketing Solutions Provider's CEO Encourages Small Businesses to Act on Findings of New Research Indicating Email Marketing and Social Media Combine Well

David Kearney, CEO of Email Marketing Services Provider Boomerang.com, Urged Small Businesses to Integrate Such Efforts by Using BlastWizard, the Award-Winning Mass Email Tool

(Palo Alto, Calif. - March 31, 2010 - Boomerang.com) Email marketing expert David Kearney, CEO of b2b email marketing solutions provider Boomerang.com, encouraged small businesses to combine email and social media, citing recent research into the matter by eMarketer. Tools from Kearney's company help small businesses to integrate their existing marketing efforts with social media and Boomrang's SFDC award-winning mass email tool, BlastWizard.

"The implications are clear," said Kearney. "A small business can excel in the new environment by embracing email marketing and social media as a holistic ecosystem. Anyone who treats these as wholly discrete, non-integrating tools is missing the blue sky."

A recent compilation by eMarketer of data from several studies into the ways social media and email affect and work with each other has concluded that the two are symbiotic and complementary, according to articles on the associated report, "Maximizing the E-Mail/Social Media Connection."

For instance, when Marketing Sherpa surveyed marketers in the summer of 2009, more than four-fifths of respondents indicated that "social media helped to expand the reach of their e-mail content," noted eMarketer's blog, which added that nearly the same percentage said "social media helped to increase brand awareness." Additionally, outlets such as NEBS Small Business News drew the intended inference that these tools, taken together, equal a powerful approach to marketing for small businesses.

A veteran of MIPS Computer Systems, Kearney has filled many roles in marketing and engineering for the high-tech industry. Before co-founding the award-winning email marketing firm Boomerang in 1991, he earned an MBA from Cornell University's S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management. Kearney's articles on email marketing have appeared in publications such as DM News. AllBusiness and others have quoted him on his email marketing expertise.

Boomerang offers an array of tools to facilitate the integration of email marketing and social media. These include Boomerang Hotlinks and TwitterBlog, as well as the content management system Slingshot, which helps to funnel disparate content residing elsewhere into one user-branded and -designed email newsletter. The resulting Slingshot-enabled content may employ prompts for readers to share content directly on Twitter, Facebook and other social media-a tactic to drive visibility online.

Anyone may follow Boomerang on Twitter @boomerang_com, and members of LinkedIn are welcome to join Email Marketing Tips, the company's group there. Additionally, Boomerang regularly posts valuable email marketing advice to its Email Marketing Tips blog. Several companies offer small business email campaign tools, but Boomerang is alone in approaching email marketing for small business in a customized, tailored way to create individualized email campaigns for clients. Boomerang's consultants are able to draw on a legacy of experience that the company has with enterprise clients, whose needs for email marketing campaigns have imbued Boomerang with the kind of institutional knowledge that yields best practices.


About David Kearney, Email Marketing Expert
A 25-year veteran of high-technology, Boomerang CEO David Kearney began his career at Digital Equipment Corporation and has since carried out myriad roles both in marketing and engineering for the high-tech industry. Before founding the award-winning email marketing firm Boomerang in 1991 with wife Elaine Kearney, he earned an MBA from Cornell University's S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management. A former engineer with the MIT-inspired high-tech firm Massachusetts Computer Corporation (MASSCOMP) before that company purchased and assumed the name of Concurrent Computer Corporation, Kearney later served as product line marketing manager for MIPS Computer Systems (now MIPS Technologies, Inc.). Kearney's articles on email marketing have appeared in business periodicals such as DM News, and publications such as AllBusiness have quoted him on his email marketing expertise. Readers are welcome to visit the Boomerang Email Marketing Blog (blogs.boomerang.com).

About Boomerang
Boomerang helps email marketers get superior results from their email marketing campaigns. Unlike other email marketing campaign service providers, Boomerang draws on a wealth of ongoing experience in serving enterprise customers such as AT&T, Dell | ASAP Software, ADP and Time Warner Cable to help each of its small business clients individually develop the most effective campaign possible. Able to be integrated with Microsoft Outlookr and clients' various existing databases, Boomerang's BlastWizard for hosted email won the 2008 "Best Mass Email Tool" from the customer relationship management (CRM) tool salesforce.com. Customers can also create custom email applications using Boomerang's Application Programming Interface (API).

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