Bugged.com Now Offers a Line of Digital SNITCH Products

Bugged.com Now Offers a Line of Digital SNITCH Products

Bugged.com is a company that specializes in the sale of surveillance counter-surveillance equipment as well as TSCM-Bug Sweep services for government, businesses and individuals. The company is pleased to announce they now offer a complete line of Digital SNITCH products to help customers with all of their surveillance and counter surveillance needs. Whether it’s a business owner who wants to ensure employees are trustworthy or parents need to find out what their nanny is up, these discrete devices will allow anyone to gather the information they need.

The Digital SNITCH product line offers everything from hidden cameras, GPS tracking, HD SDI CCTV DVRs, and surveillance equipment to bug detectors and the latest counter-surveillance technology. The items on the Digital SNITCH product line were designed to be versatile and reliable, with any given item being suited for a hundred different applications. For example, if a business owner is concerned about his meetings being eavesdropped upon, he can choose any one of a wide variety of Digital SNITCH bug detectors to get back his peace of mind. Or if parents want to make sure their child is safe with the babysitter, a hidden camera inside a clock or smoke detector can give them all the assurance they need.

We may all think we’re safe, but with the way that technology has continued to grow and expand, anyone can be a target. But there is something they can do about it; they can pay a visit to Bugged.com or call 1-877-WIRETAP (877-947-3827) to speak with a professional security expert.

About Bugged.com: Bugged.com is a technical surveillance and counter-surveillance company which specializes in covert monitoring and protection. Not only do they sell video surveillance and counter-surveillance devices, they are also a TSCM & Bug Sweep Service provider with a team of highly trained bug sweep technicians. They have discovered over 65,000 illegal bugs and wiretaps, more than any other sweep team in the world. They also have products designed for cell phone and computer monitoring, as well as live GPS tracking.

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