2013 Here We come!

BuzzBroz Creates Facebook Page / DreamShield 10/10/10: Vision of a Gentle 2012

Good news. 2012 is not the end of the world! At least according to social media company BuzzBroz founder Ken Sheetz, me.

How am I so sure...? Well, I had a whopper of a vision while on assignment in Italy covering Souldrama for BuzzBroz client Connie Miller this past May at a spiritual resort and yoga retreat called Santa Maria Del Sole.


I'm a regular Joe from Wisconsin who's had an amazing life and career that has included building skyscrapers, Oprah's Harpo Studios, film TV and now social media.

My bread and butter is grounded corporate client work, like tennis shoe company Podi, mega real estate development Museum Park and charity work for The Cool Change Foundation. So, thanks to some heavy duty soul-searching and consulting a lot of people with experience in this New Age stuff, I am happy to report that I still have my feet on the ground. even if my head is in the clouds.


Besides our corporate work, BuzzBroz produces YouTube HD videos that have gotten over a million views, covering everything from ancient Mayan calendar 2012 predictions of Armageddon to galactic transformation by world renowned ET expert Sheldan Nidle that you can watch for yourself YouTube.com/filippovotaggio, a channel built by BuzzBroz.

Early in 2010 I got a referral for a cool job to travel to Puglia Italy to cover Connie Miller's Souldrama.com with YouTube videos. Souldrama is a group workshop for therapists and lay people that uses psychotherapy, psychodrama and energetic healing techniques. The workshops take place all over the world.


In May Connie was in Italy and I was thrilled to be there covering the event for her. From the moment my train arrived in scenic Ostuni, located on the heel of the boot of Italy, the 5 star treatment of the Santa Maria Del Sole staff began.

Soon as I met Connie Miller's amazing Souldrama workshop members - who came from all over the world: Greece, America, Brazil, Holland and Italy - I knew I was going get amazing material on matters of the soul.


On one of my last nights at Santa Maria Del Sole, over amazing pasta, the resort is Vegan as well as non-smoking, I learn from Salvatore, a rock star turned owner of the fab resort, that fears of 2012 are just as strong in this peaceful farm land of Italy as they are back in smog-choked-New Age LA.

Salvatore tells me that a survival group recently visited the resort in search of a high ground to build a shelter from the floods of 2012.

The next day, SoulDrama's Connie Miller, whose gift for getting right to your issues and connecting you to your soul are amazing to say the least, surprises us with a treat: A group healing with the resort's world renowned healer Guilia.


I lay down on my rather uncomfortable yoga mat, wondering if I can lay here for very long with the group.

As Guilia chants over us in Italian. I cannot understand a word she intones, but I find it soothing. My eyes close, the discomfort of the yoga mat forgotten.

Celestial beings, what some might call angels, what some might call ETs, join us, filling the empty yoga mats.

The grid of the amazing group of healers from all over the world, from Brazil, Greece, Holland, America and Italy, plus celestial beings, Connie and Juila is now complete.

In my mind's eye I see a faint, yet powerful, blue energy connect us all. The yellow brick vaulted ceiling of the former horse stables we lay in, now a yoga hall, turn to solid gold.

The gold bars above crackle with electrical energy like a superconductor. Overwhelmed by the awesome power of the group energy, I am fully alive for what feels like the first time ever.

Guilia's chanting became ever more passionate.

The floor beneath us becomes crystal clear. Not glass, more like some new kind of super plastic. The room is now a cylinder, our group is floating on the clear floor. The gold energy bricks shimmer with energy waves above and below us.

The north and south the ends of the room rocket outward. On and on the room extends, racing for opposite poles of the planet. The energy bands collide and fuse. They are pure white and circle north and south about the entire earth.

Our international group, I realize in wonder, is the power center of a global band of spiritual energy. Now more energy flash outward from the side arches. They circle the earth in an instant, east to west and back.

I feel in tune with the entire planet. The room turns to pure white light, humming with a spiritual power of great immensity.

"Wow!" escapes my lips as Guilia comes to the end of her healing chant. Her assistant asks us to sit up in English. The first words I've understood in half an hour.


"Wow what?" Connie asks me with a gentle smile, sitting up on the yoga mat beside me.

I mutter something I don't recall; not ready to talk about the vision yet.

Over dinner I talk to a few of the group students, hoping some had had a similar vision. No dice. My vision is my own. Many students report they simply fell asleep. When asked what I think my vision means I say feebly that maybe the energy bands represent the internet and getting buzz going about Souldrama and the resort.


I was not heading out to Venice until the next day for some much needed R&R. Salvatore kindly finds me another place to stay as most of the group has scattered for the four corners of the globe.

In the middle of the night, alone in the strange little and un-spiritual hotel, my vision finds a voice. It's not like something I heard with my ears but in my mind. I drowsily think Connie's workshop must have awakened my soul's voice.

My soul says softly, like its imparting wisdom to a child, "Your vision was not about social media, Ken."

"No?" I answer mumbling in my waking dream state.

"Those energy bands were created to hold the earth together, to make 2012 gentle."

"No Mayan calendar Armageddon?"


"No ET galactic transformation?"

"Also handled. But there is still work to be done on the energy bands."

"This is not over?" I gripe, nearly waking myself to full consciousness.

"On 10/10/10 at 10:10:10 the energy bands must be strengthened."

"What?! Why? How?" I loudly ask, waking from my meditative half slumber, losing my soul connection like a dropped celestial cell phone call.

I feel rattled to my core. I write in my journal about all this amazing stuff before I can forget it and barely sleep the rest of the night.


The next day I head right back to Santa Maria Del Sole and share the vision of a gentle 2012 with Salvatore and Guilia. I filmed it and you can find the link here to the amazing interview (here in the side bar where you can also find a link to my 7yrsinHollywood blog where I talk about the visions in greater detail).

As you'll see near the end of the interview, Guilia shocks me by telling me my vision of a gentle 2012 is exactly what she had been hoping for!

As we part and I climb into the van for the airport Guilia asks me to share any more visions that would come.

"More visions?" I ask, worried this is not over.

And come the after visions did. One night, half asleep back in LA, I saw the energy bands begin to turn with a mighty groan like an echoing of a giant trumpet. Faster and faster the energy bands spun until they became a shield, what I would come to call the DreamShield.

And that's how the Facebook page for a global event on 10/10/10, and for the years leading up to a gentle 2012 got started.


Now, it's not every day a regular Joe from a family of Wisconsin welders participates in a series of visions to save our home planet from 2012. So I had a whole lot to process.

I was so shook from all this even went home to the Midwest, my home, to get grounded and tell family and friends about all this.

I was happily not thrown on the loony bin and I found most them surprisingly supportive. Of course a few looked at me with concern. But we got past it and I headed back to Caly, where I felt like all this New Age stuff really belonged.

Back in LA the best advice I got in all my research and soul searching was from a great filmmaker, Barnet Bain, producer of WHAT DREAMS MAY COME and THE CELESTENE PROPHECY.

Barnet was kind enough to help me get a handle on on this New Age stuff. He tells me visions are both real and unreal at the same time. That clicks because it all feels both real and science fiction, which I love and write in screenplays, at the same time.

I plan to film this topic all the way through 2012 and beyond and gather it into a documentary. You'll be able to watch it in pieces on videos we post to the DreamShield facebook page.


I hope like I've learned, you can enjoy this vision thing as both real and unreal at the same time. Join us on Facebook. Link is in the sidebar.

Worst case you can all have fun dreaming of a gentle 2012 with us. Best case you'll have helped save the world from Armageddon and aliens.