DreamShield.org Website Unveiled to Counter 2012 Fears

Site to Foster 10/10/10 Global Events

Type into Google the search words "Suicide" and "2012" and you'll be stunned by how many results pop up.

Mainstream Hollywood is certainly not helping matters with movies like "2012" and a host of lesser gloom and doom made for TV films about a catastrophic end to the Mayan calendar 12/21/2012.

In May of this year, Ken Sheetz, an indie filmmaker and social media pro, while at Santa Maria Del Sole in Italy, covering an event called Souldrama, had what can only be described as a religious experience concerning 2012. A vision of crossing energy bands, protecting our world.

Dreamshield.org is how Sheetz is sharing this vision of a gentle 2012.

To process the amazing vision Sheetz began intensive research and interviews with experts in the area of science and the paranormal. This research led him to a lecture this week, held by Outside the Box Media Arts in LA, of world famous Mayan elder Tata Cruz. The Mayan, 95 according to the Maya's great calendar, spoke sadly of a recent suicide in New Mexico over 2012 fears.

The Elder Mayan asked those in the LA group to spread the word via the web that the Mayan calendar simply begins a new 5,000 year cycle after 12/21/2012. A new age then dawns that Elder Mayan Tata Cruz sees as one of great peace and prosperity.

Says Sheetz, "The happy news is that people all over the world are planning celebrations on 10/10/10 as a start to ushering in a gentle 2012. Dreamshield.org is a platform to knit many of these live events and content together for broadcast via the web via my social media outlet BuzzBroz.com. We hope Dreamshield.org gives people great hope and joy about our world's bright and long future."