Hollywood Talk Show Host Authors Anti-Addiction Book

THE QUICK FIX: Book Review by Ken Sheetz

I have the pleasure of personally knowing Mr. Quick as a friend and as a client. But before he became either I read his book THE QUICK FIX.

I was instantly gripped by Bradley's sad life story of losing 5 siblings before the age of six. This early trauma led to deep insecurities for Bradley. And this insecurity led to a pattern of self-destructive behavior of early drinking, drug and sex abuse and jail at age 19. But even jail was not enough of a wake-up call for young Mr. Quick. Eventually he lost everything, including the love and support of his family, culminating in the low of lows, edning up a skid row junkie.

All of this is described in vivid, gut wrenching, honest detail by Mr. Quick in his important new book.

THE QUICK FIX is the compelling story of how, by acknowledging a higher power and getting himself some help, Bradley rose from skid row junkie to a successful respected radio talk show host, who interviews greats like Wayne Dyer, John Bradshaw and Don Miguel Ruiz.

The book is packed with health and wellness tips from experts. Despite the blessing that I have no addictions, something I thank God for because alcoholism has ravaged my family, Bradley's book benefited me greatly. Over 22 million Americans have substance abuse issues and this book, which offers up so much sage advice, is a gift to the world.

I highly recommend Bradley Quick's exciting new book THE QUICK FIX.

How much do I like the book? Well, I am a Hollywood producer and I like THE QUICK FIX so much that I have optioned it to be made into a major motion picture.